Made it


Well, we’ve been honoured with a little pic and a link on the BBC 6 Music homepage! Under La Roux and next to Shaun Keaveny and Huey! The podcast hasn’t been finished yet, but our first show is available on BBC iPlayer. Cool. That’s the full 180 minute version, with music in it. Be patient if you want to hear the “best bits” on your iPod.


Wait for it, wait for it

So, the first of five Collins & Herring 6 Music shows in the Danny Wallace slot has gone out. We had some fun. Our producer Henry was furiously editing the links together to make an official BBC podcast as we left the building. (I don’t know why he was furious.) Keep an eye here for when it’s ready, but bear in mind it will have to be listened to by a team of BBC mandarins for compliance before it can be released into polite society where the Daily Mail might hear it. (I don’t know why they make mandarins listen to it.) Neither of us swore, although I did say “rectums” very quietly. This is a medical term. If you didn’t listen to the show live, please do continue contributing pics and emails and jingles throughout the week. That is the idea. Oh, and if you want to read the sweet and funny email that Joe out of Adam and Joe sent us, it is here, in full. I think they might have been in this slot once.

I can’t believe it’s not butter

For our 99th podcast – no, really, it is – we try an experiment: the first ever serious Collings & Herrin Podcast. Well, not completely, but we did feel it was time to debate the big issues that divide us – mainly, butter, vaccinations and whether the Masai would enjoy life more with an iPad. We promise that next week’s, Podcast 100, live from London’s Leicester Square Theatre and recorded professionally, through the desk, will be all fun and laughter. Bear with us. There’s some stuff about the goat born with a human face this week, too. For levity. See you on Monday, but don’t forget to tune in at 10am on Saturday morning for our first Adam & Joe show on 6 Music (there will be a podcast for that, too, available either on Sunday or Monday).

Too legit to quit

So, almost two years to the day after our first amateurish, homemade, lo-fi, indie podcast, and over 100 hours of bollocks later, we are finally getting a shot at the title – that is, five weeks of Adam and Joe’s award-winning show on 6 Music, starting tomorrow, 10am-1pm. We are going to be BBC branded. This is the posh picture they have made of us, so that nobody confuses us with Collings & Herrin. We are Collins and Herring. And the good news is, there will be a podcast of the show, available via iTunes and the 6 Music website pretty soon after the show, possibly Sunday, or Monday, depending on how long it takes to edit and wind its way through BBC Compliance. Either way, please subscribe, and send us momentarily to the top of the iTunes charts! It really, really, really could happen. (And thanks to all of the nerds and idiots who have supported us to this giddy point in our joint career.)

Fingers crossed it all goes well.

The Imaginarium Of M Allen

Thanks, as ever, to intrepid if occasionally disloyal supernerd Andy McH for this photographic evidence of the “Expanding Gloves” for sale at M Allen Watch Repairs in Vauxhall Station, South London (home of the not-for-sale rhino and lizard), mentioned in Podcast Wales1.

Andy also supplies this update of some of the current stock and decorative items available at The Imaginarium Of M Allen, if, say, your watch doesn’t need repairing. (I have blanked out the framed photo of the two kids as I’m sure that’s the correct thing to do, even though the picture is clearly displayed in a shop.)

Jingles hell

Alright, we’ve had a love-hate relationship with jingles over the first two years of the C&H Podcast. Many of you have the “mad skills” to make them (skills we do not possess) and you’ve sent them to us without invitation. Some of them, we’ve played, but sort of grudgingly, as there’s something about “production” that feels wrong on the podcast. However, we are on the actual radio for the next five Saturdays [see: above], for three hours at a time, and we wondered if you might feel like making us some jingles to play? We can’t promise they’ll pass BBC Compliance – or our own compliance – but if you make them clear, clean, funny, simple and based only upon music that exists outside of copyright, we might just air them. Oh, and by the way, we’re Andrew Collins and Richard Herring on 6 Music, not Collings & Herrin, for obvious reasons of clarity and taste.

If you’d like to send us a jingle, please do so to

Secret Dancers


Thanks to Dee for these snaps from St David’s Hall on Thursday night of the Secret Dancing demonstration – specifically, below, the Foot Scratch move. You had to be there. (Or at one of the other gigs where I have demonstrated the technique.) Please forgive me if I can’t remember all four volunteers’ names, although the man on the second right is Mojo, and the man on second left said his name was Phlegm but is actually called Rich. Further identification gratefully received.


We are Adam and Joe


At last, we have been given a decent crack at the Adam and Joe show on 6 Music – for five weeks, starting next Saturday, January 30, 10am-1pm. No idea what we’re doing yet, but we are childishly excited. Perhaps we should invent a fictional pet? We could resurrect Richard’s cat Oscar.


100th podcast show nearly sold out!


Only a few tickets left for our 100th podcast show at the Leicester Square Theatre on Monday February 1 (doors open 7pm, show starts 7.30pm sharp). This is good news for those who have got tickets as it should be a riot, but not so for those slowcoaches who haven’t. There are some unreserved ones for £10 in the slips via the theatre’s website. You could try other agents. (The podcast will be available either later that night, or first thing the next morning, of course.)