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Made in Wales

A frankly amazing day in Cardiff, during which Richard and I had a hearty Holiday Inn breakfast then headed off to Torchwood to record four, that’s four, brand new, exclusive podcasts in a professional studio deep within the bowels of the magnificent Millennium Centre, where I recorded my audiobook this time last year. It was quite a feat. We have decided to make the people who have downloaded the 100+ free podcasts since February 2008 pay for these four podcasts, which we themed around the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water. These will be available through the excellent, Cardiff-based Go Faster Stripe within weeks, or months, but hopefully weeks. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, here is an indulgent photo diary of our crazy day, which ended at the St David’s Hall, where 250 Welsh people paid to come and see us, and some of them had their photo taken with us, too, and bought our overpriced merchandise. It was a truly memorable day: a near-hysterical day in the studio (you’ll have to wait to hear the results), and a very warm gig, the podcast bit of which will be available to download tomorrow. In the meantime, here is the view of the Millennium Stadium from my hotel window, followed by some larking about in the studio, and some shots of Chris Evans, not that one, from GFS, and Felix, who commandeered the buttons in the control booth.

And this is the palatial dressing room at St David’s Hall, before the gig – we were performing in the bar, not the main hall with the big organ in it, but we don’t care.

And this is the volunteers Secret Dancing during my stand-up set. They were brilliant, although we forgot to give them their prizes of free Marple DVDs from the Daily Mail because I had lost them. Their prize was glory.

And this is us onstage.

And this is the patient audience, who let us mock Swansea and Wales, because they knew we meant it with warmth. (I love Wales.)

And this is Tyma, who got a lot of stick for being called that, and for coming from the future, and for being smaller than the average Welshman, but took it well. He is our hero of the night.

And these are some Twitpics from various nice folk who went home in the rain with a smile on their face and less money in their wallets.

All in all, a lovely evening, and a mad day. Thanks to Chris and Felix, obviously, but to everyone who came to St David’s Hall and made us feel welcome. A nice way to launch this indulgent blog. The podcast follows tomorrow. When we got back to the Holiday Inn at 11.30, the bar was closed, but they kindly opened it for one round of drinks, as long as we took them to our rooms, so we had them in my room, with Chris, and we suddenly felt as tired as we should feel. It’s been a gargantuan effort to get this lot up, so let me off.

Oh, and here’s a late pic just in from Axemanbob, who is really called Adam.


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37 responses to “Made in Wales

  1. Stewart

    Ooh, new blog, shiny!

  2. Stewart

    Any idea of the pricing structure for the podcasts?

  3. Ross

    It's lovely to see you both in one easy to follow package. Keep up the good work gents, you are the best of the podcasters, iTunes chart be DAMNED, you beat the ever-loving crap out of Answer Me This, I say!

  4. Get that lazy Rich blogging!

  5. Anna

    I am distraught. I really, really wanted my photo taken with you both, but the boyfriend had to rush home… curses! Maybe next time.

  6. I'm guessing we'll put the podcasts out for £10. That's about five hours of nonsense.

  7. Ross

    Oh, and presumably these podiobook-casts will eventualy be available on iTunes, in much the same way as Perfect 10? Phill and Phil will give you pointers on distribution if you ask nicely, I'm sure.

  8. Not on iTunes, Ross, as iTunes is a closed shop to indies. Go Faster Stripe if a proud indie, and the CD will be available through their website, and from gigs, of course. Watch this space.

  9. BLTP

    ac is this the place to come to for all our AC & RD blog needs? or will you still be using your individual blogs. I never took up wth Rh's as posting comments is odd I'm afraid. looking forward to the lastest podcast as ever keep up the good work.

  10. Good to see you have your own website. Its only taken 2 years and over 100 podcasts so quite quick off the mark !Looking forward to Feb 1st at Leicester Square !@AndyMcH

  11. that was a fantastic night, i was the secret dancer with the white Staffordshire University t-shirt next to you Andrew, we look like we're bathe in ethereal light!was great to secret dance.

  12. Great show!!i really enjoyed secret dancing onstage, in the picture i'm the one bathed in ethereal light next to you Andrew.i also enjoyed being spat on by Rich during his act.secret dancing and saliva.

  13. Martin

    Will I be able to download the Elemental podcasts in the USA?

  14. Peter

    Cheers guys. Hopefully I'll read this one AFTER the podcasts. Consider this blog RSS'd.

  15. Nibb_DF

    Great gig guys…thanks for the pic…Im the slightly ill looking one in the middle pic(I blame the fact that Rich is so brown from his hols lol).Keep up the good work fellas!!

  16. Joei

    we all laughed when Neil (Tyma) decided to rename himself. I refuse to call him by that name though. He is real 😦

  17. Adam

    One thing Andrew, that's not the Millennium Stadium, that's Ninian Park, Cardiff City's old football stadium.

  18. Anonymous

    Morning all,Just to say that me and my bro were dead chuffed with the show, even though we missed the first few minutes of the secret dancing routine. Did we miss anything especially good?????CheersChris

  19. But the Millennium Stadium is behind it.

  20. Ooh, a new blog. I like this. Good to see a photo diary, I've often wondered what went on "behind the scenes"I would like to see some shots of Richard's attic. Mainly because I imagine it to look like something out of a horror film. Dusty old cracked mirrors, ancient luggage trunks full of family secrets, dirty mannequins that look scary in the dark, cobwebs, a dead bird and the skellington of Peter Baynham.

  21. Nibb_DF

    @Adam….what are you talking about…thats not Ninian Park its Cardiff Arms Park…Cardiff Rugby Clubs old ground…behind which is the Millenium Stadium.As Rich would say "you are a F*cking idiot!" 😉

  22. Robin

    Adam it's not the old Ninian Park (that's in Grangetown) it's part of the old Cardiff Arms Park (Cardiff Rugby) next to the Millennium Stadium.This podcast gig was brilliant! Such a fun evening. cheers C and H.

  23. Anonymous

    The picture is of Cardiff Arms Park with the Millenium Stadium behind it. Ninian Park is situated a mile or so outside the city centre.Helen

  24. Just to be picky, they were staying in the Holiday in so they are overlooking the Rugby Ground (which actually is The Arms Park, the old stadium was mistakenly called that) and it's the Millennium Stadium behind it.Great night, lost it laughing at one point, Richard should get a TV show. Looking forward to reading your book Andrew. Hope you still like Cardiff?

  25. Anonymous

    I still can't believe I was up on stage with a t-shirt that had a great big BJ on it and no-one commented!Thanks again guysRich

  26. Anonymous

    Brilliant stuff last night, especially from Tyma. Just to out pedant Adam, the stadium in the picture is actually the old Cardiff Blues rugby stadium (with the Millenium Stadium in the background, as Andrew said). The old Ninian park is now a big pile of rubble.Rob.

  27. Axemanbob

    Cheers both for a damn good night. Please come back soon so I can subject others to it!And cheers for putting the piccies up :)Adam.

  28. It's not Ninian Park it's Cardiff Rugby's old ground the (real) Arms Park and the Millennium Stadium is behind it.Great Show, thanks for coming down here, reading your book Andrew now. Do you do secret drumming at gigs? And don't forget the nose/ ear/back scratch when dancing. If you're cold and you put your hands in your coat pockets your fingers can 'rave ' too.Anne

  29. Anonymous

    Hi You two, good to have a simple joint website etc :)Looking forward to hearing your 'paid for' podcasts. Wondering when I'd be able to share your 'humour' with the kids – oldest only 10 years now, so guess it'll be a number of years before 'it's safe' to do so!!Keep up the good work.@Benshore

  30. vietdan

    Adam – Ninian Park is/was nowhere near the millennium stadium. You are wrong.

  31. Anonymous

    I think Tymer may of been Sam Beckett.Lucas

  32. Hi, Really enjoyed the podcast, thanks for coming to Cardiff. Some pics here

  33. Anonymous

    One thing Adam, that's not Ninian Park. The stadium in the foreground is Cardiff Arms Park, the rugby union stadium. Ninian Park is situated a mile or so to the west of the city centre.Helen

  34. Anonymous

    Please note that axemanbob may really be called Adam but is far better known (worldwide) as Abaddon.

  35. MrsOneWattle: your pictures are lovely. Please could you send them to me via so I can post them here? You will be richly credited! (If not, people should follow the link and enjoy from afar.)

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