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100th podcast show nearly sold out!


Only a few tickets left for our 100th podcast show at the Leicester Square Theatre on Monday February 1 (doors open 7pm, show starts 7.30pm sharp). This is good news for those who have got tickets as it should be a riot, but not so for those slowcoaches who haven’t. There are some unreserved ones for £10 in the slips via the theatre’s website. You could try other agents. (The podcast will be available either later that night, or first thing the next morning, of course.)


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One response to “100th podcast show nearly sold out!

  1. loj1987

    Can't believe it's nearly been 100 podcasts (sort of).I've been listening to them since the beginning and reckon I am one of your biggest fans (in appreciation, not mass). I get a few odd looks at work whenever I fail to suppress my laughter. They cannot know what is whispering into my ears…Embarrased to say I got slightly impatient during Richards sojourn to Mauritius (what with Adam & Joes decision to stop podcasting as well) and started downloading and listening from Podcast 1 again.It would love to attend a live podcast, but they're always too far away. Well, Edinburgh isn't, but it wasn't a viable option due to work and finance.If you could just do one somewhere in the North East… The Gala in Durham would be good, I saw Richard doing Oh Fuck, I'm 40 there.Alas, I fear my pleas will go unanswered. What if I was to promise you an evening behind closed doors with an especially small-handed panda? No questions asked.Or maybe just call you both fucking idiots?Don't be offended, as Andrew would say, I'm just quoting.Please keep the podcasts going as long as you are physically able. Or until Andrew succumbs to being bummed, at which point I imagine the magic will be irreversably tainted.Laurie Johnson

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