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We are Adam and Joe


At last, we have been given a decent crack at the Adam and Joe show on 6 Music – for five weeks, starting next Saturday, January 30, 10am-1pm. No idea what we’re doing yet, but we are childishly excited. Perhaps we should invent a fictional pet? We could resurrect Richard’s cat Oscar.



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28 responses to “We are Adam and Joe

  1. Relly

    YAY!This is most exciting!

  2. David

    If you keep developing all these commercial outlets for your talents all that will be left for the podcast will be the swearing and paedophilia … onwards and upwards!

  3. Viama

    Will the show be available as a podcast?

  4. Anonymous

    Great news guys! Although I work most Saturdays and if not I'm very lazy so probably won't get to hear much live. But I will certainly 'listen again'. Hopefully another podcast to look forward to too 🙂 Pete

  5. Rob

    Please, please bring your diaries again.

  6. Great news about the A&J slot. In other news, you guys must cover this story in your next podcast. It may be the funniest thing I've ever read:"Mr Nash added that after finding the object, his life started to take a turn for the better. “I had a cold over Christmas but since Friday it's completely cleared up,” he added." ROFL!

  7. Paul

    Skills on toast, look forward to it.Though I'm not expecting much on the jingle front.

  8. Gari

    Yay! Our favourite supply teacher is bringing his young classroom assistant along for a month. How lovely. Do you get a podcast this time? Looking forward to this.

  9. james

    Hooray! I've really enjoyed the 6music shows you've done so far, and the idea of a five week block of the things is good news indeed.

  10. Nice one, looking forward to it! Congrats andrew.

  11. Misty2k

    Splendid news. I look forward to listening to you in bed. (There's a dangling modifier joke in there somewhere).

  12. neil h

    You could have Moggins the cat – that's sure to go down well with the Adam & Joe audience … 🙂

  13. Anonymous

    I'd been hoping for this . . . Danny Wallace just hasn't been doing it for me . . . will there have to be a face to face handover with "shabbah!"? . . . I'm just picturing Alan Partridge and Dave Clifton . . . ScotiaNova

  14. Jeanette

    That's great news – hope it goes really well as you both deserve it!

  15. Great news guys, I hope the BBC let you put out a podcast.

  16. Surely 2 cats called Coggins and Hoggins.

  17. Excellent news! Will there be a podcast of it? Can't get a digital signal out in the sticks like….

  18. Anonymous

    Just a selfish question but are the shows going to podcasted by the BBC? I'll be working on Saturdays (proper work with a suit and tie!).Keep up the…The Other Barrie Jones

  19. It would seem only fair for us to have a podcast, as Danny Wallace has had one in A&J's stead. They might think it would clash with our existing one and put theirs on hold, so let's not get excited prematurely. I have asked the powers that be.We may well take our diaries in again.

  20. Great stuff. Really looking forward to this.Can you really imagine Richard doing a cat impression though? I'm not sure even his great talents of impersonation could stretch to that. Unless the cat happened to be from Northampton…

  21. I am old enough to recall the tragedy of Craig Children's cat as described in the Timeghost series of podcats, sorry, csts. Sorry again. I still grieve and feel it would be inappropriate to once more bring to life a fictional cat only to have it bummed and killed on air.Please consider your more sensitive followers.Thanks.

  22. notdave

    Great stuff. No swearing though guys, be nice if you finsished the run.


    this is brilliant news! am utterly cheered by the prospect of five fun saturdays ahead to see me through what remains of this bleak midwinter.

  24. Stephen

    Good stuff. All that swearing has paid off!It couldn't have happened to a nicer man. And Richard.

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