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Secret Dancers


Thanks to Dee for these snaps from St David’s Hall on Thursday night of the Secret Dancing demonstration – specifically, below, the Foot Scratch move. You had to be there. (Or at one of the other gigs where I have demonstrated the technique.) Please forgive me if I can’t remember all four volunteers’ names, although the man on the second right is Mojo, and the man on second left said his name was Phlegm but is actually called Rich. Further identification gratefully received.



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6 responses to “Secret Dancers

  1. Anna

    The one on the right was Hannah, wasn't she? Can't remember the name of th girl on the left but I do remember loving her top – it says "Re-elect Gaius Baltar."

  2. Rob

    Hi Andrew,The girl on the right is Ellen from Cardiff band Los Campesinos! (maybe you've played them on 6music?).

  3. Rob

    (woops, i mean left (your right))

  4. I'm going to play Los Campesinos on Wednesday on 6 Music now, in honour of Ellen.

  5. Anonymous

    Great pics! Thank you! ^_^I would never bend over on public transport, no matter how bad the itch or get-downable the track. Note how Collings' head is at strangers' crotch level?!I'm method secret dancing, I am.Love & peace & lava bread,Hannah (stage left)@agua_de_beber_x

  6. @AndyMcH

    There can't have been much time between the two 'footscratch' pics. The girl on the right must have moved her leg at some speed!

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