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The Imaginarium Of M Allen

Thanks, as ever, to intrepid if occasionally disloyal supernerd Andy McH for this photographic evidence of the “Expanding Gloves” for sale at M Allen Watch Repairs in Vauxhall Station, South London (home of the not-for-sale rhino and lizard), mentioned in Podcast Wales1.

Andy also supplies this update of some of the current stock and decorative items available at The Imaginarium Of M Allen, if, say, your watch doesn’t need repairing. (I have blanked out the framed photo of the two kids as I’m sure that’s the correct thing to do, even though the picture is clearly displayed in a shop.)


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7 responses to “The Imaginarium Of M Allen

  1. Anonymous

    I can see the lizard's not for sale, but what about the turd dinosaur on the right? My mam would love that, if it's availableChris

  2. Andy Gray

    Why are all items in the shop marked as "reduced" except for the expanding gloves

  3. @AndyMcH

    A dinosaur? Surely its a sinister giraffe?Also on further inspection, if you want an umbrella, you can only buy them in "basic colour"

  4. AndyMcH, what is written on the notice above the lizard? I think we should be told.

  5. Robert

    A cornucopia for all of your key cutting, mini-statuery and inclement weather needs or a pile of old cack?Discuss. You have ten minutes from when you turn over your paper…PS – my verification word today was "duckbj" honest!

  6. Jonathan

    Off topic I know, but I see Gaunty is taking TalkSport to the high court: some comment is called for by you two next time out on this one

  7. Misty2k

    For your attention I present the window display of Oxfam in Thornbury, near Bristol. The signs, and indeed little tag on the ankle, explain that the Giraffes and Hippo are Not For Sale.

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