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Too legit to quit

So, almost two years to the day after our first amateurish, homemade, lo-fi, indie podcast, and over 100 hours of bollocks later, we are finally getting a shot at the title – that is, five weeks of Adam and Joe’s award-winning show on 6 Music, starting tomorrow, 10am-1pm. We are going to be BBC branded. This is the posh picture they have made of us, so that nobody confuses us with Collings & Herrin. We are Collins and Herring. And the good news is, there will be a podcast of the show, available via iTunes and the 6 Music website pretty soon after the show, possibly Sunday, or Monday, depending on how long it takes to edit and wind its way through BBC Compliance. Either way, please subscribe, and send us momentarily to the top of the iTunes charts! It really, really, really could happen. (And thanks to all of the nerds and idiots who have supported us to this giddy point in our joint career.)

Fingers crossed it all goes well.

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17 responses to “Too legit to quit

  1. Anonymous

    Hurrah, well done guys!Been listening to your podcasts from the very start & now you finally have your chance to bring them down, I mean, show off your talents on the radio!

  2. Do it now, before AIOTM (aiotm) brings down the BBC.

  3. starsky51

    Congratulations guys! In years to come, I'll say 'I knew them back when they did a 66 minute podcast every couple of weeks going on about mutilating tortoises and homeopathy. Load of shite, it was. They're much better now.'

  4. neil h

    Good luck with the show on Saturday!

  5. Misty2k

    It's the Adam Collins and Joe Herring Show!

  6. Leakster

    Been listening from the start, can't wait to hear you on the Beeb.Good luck :)(Though I am really missing Adam and Joe, I hope they come back soon)

  7. henweb

    Ace news – does that mean they weren't very pleased with Mr Wallace?? Or does he need some daddy-time?Either way, you guys are an ample replacement.

  8. nick

    Well done chaps. Not quite the on the telly yet though.

  9. Andy Gray

    I hope there is room in the attic for the BBC ob unit! Good luck PS will the podcast have you in it or have Adam & Joe done a few to cover their break? Just asking…

  10. Jeanette

    > nick said…> Well done chaps. Not quite the on the telly yet though.Yes it is – I get 6Music on my telly, so that must count, eh listeners?

  11. antox

    Ah, well you see, I remember them when they were on 6music before the podcast. I have particularly fond memories of a discussion about footballers and 'roasting'.Hear you tomorrow, see you on Monday!

  12. Anonymous

    DELGADOSKNEE@ Nick – it might not be telly, but its the BBC and there will probably be a studio webcam or something. That's only about 5 frames a second away from being telly…

  13. Mike

    First the radio then the TV, who says hard work and persistence don't pay off. Look forward to the R6 beeb (compliant) podcasts, hopefully the governance won't make them too magnolia.Power to your elbow gents, lok forward to you knocking Gervais&co off the iTunes audio book charts… willthe new kids on the block be ipad or iCH

  14. tiplj

    "cometh the hour, cometh the man" good luck andrew 🙂

  15. David

    As much as I miss listening to Adam & Joe on Saturday mornings, you guys were excellent and I'm pleased you'll be on for the next month.Hopefully they'll give you a permanent spot again (Sunday mornings?)

  16. Anonymous

    Well done guys, great work. Love x

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