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Wait for it, wait for it

So, the first of five Collins & Herring 6 Music shows in the Danny Wallace slot has gone out. We had some fun. Our producer Henry was furiously editing the links together to make an official BBC podcast as we left the building. (I don’t know why he was furious.) Keep an eye here for when it’s ready, but bear in mind it will have to be listened to by a team of BBC mandarins for compliance before it can be released into polite society where the Daily Mail might hear it. (I don’t know why they make mandarins listen to it.) Neither of us swore, although I did say “rectums” very quietly. This is a medical term. If you didn’t listen to the show live, please do continue contributing pics and emails and jingles throughout the week. That is the idea. Oh, and if you want to read the sweet and funny email that Joe out of Adam and Joe sent us, it is here, in full. I think they might have been in this slot once.


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5 responses to “Wait for it, wait for it

  1. @AndyMcH

    Very excited as this is the first blog entry I've read via the C&H profanity app!Good show today. Diff from Collings & Herrin. Andrew does seem to be the boss and Richard is Andrew's Andrew Collings!

  2. Mike

    Good show chaps…don't think the beeb mandarins will have much to censor. Keep your noses clean and who knows…

  3. Anonymous

    DELGADOSKNEEIt was very good. Liked Richard's dismissive comment about La Roux as (much as I love 6 Music) they are treating that La Roux/Heaven 17 session like its on a cultural par with Ali vs Foreman or Frost Nixon. What it is of course is a girl with silly hair shouting along to songs by the band that are like Human League's retarded brother.

  4. Anonymous

    Judging by the first show I reckon (yes, reckon) that Andrew is the new Matt Morgan. In view of this Rich ought to make an amusing phone call, live on air, to Nadim Sawalha. Cheers,Chris

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