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Made it


Well, we’ve been honoured with a little pic and a link on the BBC 6 Music homepage! Under La Roux and next to Shaun Keaveny and Huey! The podcast hasn’t been finished yet, but our first show is available on BBC iPlayer. Cool. That’s the full 180 minute version, with music in it. Be patient if you want to hear the “best bits” on your iPod.


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11 responses to “Made it

  1. Ruthers

    I saw Andrew on 100 Scariest Moments on E4 last night; I laughed.

  2. Peter

    Phew. I thought I was going to have to listen through endless drudge that is music. Thanks BBC, for cutting out the crap for me.

  3. Neil

    I am on the BBC podcast page clicking refresh every 16 seconds, I want the podcast, give me the podcast, now!Bored of that now, going to eat a brazil nut instead.

  4. hairyegg

    I am keen to know whether the correct styling is ‘Collins & Herring’ or ‘Collins and Herring’.

  5. I listened live.Andrew, I also have some "Authentic" M&S pants and find the word amusing when applied to such a common garment. However, they are comfortable and I was planning on purchasing more. Thank you for warning me in advance that they are no longer "Authentic".

  6. zardoz

    I saw him last night on TV too. The old long hair version.

  7. Sorry to post twice, just remembered something I meant to say…Mr. Herring struggled with the pronunciation of the song, "La Tristesse Durera" when he back-announced it on Saturday. However, I remember that last time Collins and Herring were on 6Music, Mr. Herring not only could pronounce the title of the Manic Street Preachers song, he could translate it and mention, unprompted, that it was taken from a quote by Vincent van Gogh at the time of his suicide.Are we witnessing the decline of a once keen mind? Have all these years of pretending to be an idiot taken their toll? Perhaps there is a darker conpiracy. Like the real Paul McCartney maybe the real Richard K Herring is dead, replaced by an imposter. Charlie Borman hasn't been on telly recently.

  8. Chris

    @Rat – I remember that bit of cultural dissemination from Richard last time as well. Dumbing down, perhaps. Or, more likely, it was just very early in the morning.

  9. Jim

    cool, collins and herring is still in the top 10 most popular shows on iplayer (on the radio (on 6 music only))…Jim

  10. Thom Ward

    The podcast's finally up on iTunes with the correct name and picture!

  11. Anonymous

    Number 1 in the iTunes comedy chart!

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