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We are 100


Ah, the smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the nerds. A simple announcement: Collings & Herrin Podcast 100, recorded live, last night, through the desk, at the Leicester Square Theatre in London’s glittering West End, is available to download now. A cavalcade of pictures will follow later. Thanks to Producer Ben and Orange Mark, and the 410 people who added the merry laughter, especially my eight Secret Dancers (soon to be identified) and the Very Reverend Peter Organ, who, more than anyone else in the packed auditorium, understands that Richard knows not what he does, and forgives him.


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3 responses to “We are 100

  1. Chris

    Pedant's corner. You had eight secret dancers. Only one had that most invaluable of secret dancing tools, a manbag. Rather disappointingly, he was the least animated of the lot, although I guess that's the point.

  2. Alex B

    Loved the live show, Steve.I invented a new Secret Dancing move this morning on the way to work – The Bag Strap Hoist. Done properly it gives you three beats of movement – two little preparatory movements and then a big HOIST, making it look like you're just adjusting how your bag strap sits on your shoulder.

  3. Anonymous

    I really enjoyed the show, thank you both. Andrew, whatever you'd taken that night keep taking it.Ronny

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