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A good night, sweethearts: the pics

Thanks for all the photos from last night. Here is a selection, in roughly chronological order, from various cameras and phones belonging to: Francesca aka @mrsfran, William Turrell, @mrs_od, Jonathan Cobb, David James aka @vidjam, and Andy McH [please let us know if we have missed your credit off]. Damn, if only there was some futuristic way of recording the audio of the event and putting that out into the public domain. Ah well, we’ll just have to remember it via these snapshots.

Secret Riverdance, left to right [please let me know if any of these are incorrect – and thanks to Jonathan for helping me with the names]: Mike, Dave, Pete, Josh, Elizabeth, Bryony, Tom, Becky

Look! It’s Orange Mark, collecting his third orange juice stipend as an advance against the third year of selflessly posting our podcasts on the British Comedy Guide website.

A rubbish shot of the not-rubbish audience, but you can see the Very Reverend Peter Organ in the front row, laughing at us heathens.

Goodnight, sweethearts.


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9 responses to “A good night, sweethearts: the pics

  1. zardoz

    With his toothbrush moustache and that hair, Richard now looks like Alf Garnets hippy grandson.

  2. Yay – that's my Secret Riverdance photo. I think the line up was Mike, Dave, Pete, Josh, Elizabeth, Bryony, Tom and Becky.

  3. I like the fact you can't see me for the blinding lights, something of a relief. There may be a sermon there…

  4. Mike

    Yep, it was a really good night. I should have got Andrew to sign my 'Collings Bag'.

  5. Adam

    Gutted I couldn't get there in the end but I look forward to hearing the Podcast!Andrew, any idea what time the Hitler Moustache show finishes during the London run?

  6. amers56

    having been a herring stalker, er, fan since the 90's I was expecting a good night, but I think my brother summed it up during the interval with his comment "I never realised andrew colins was so attractive"! Thanks both of you for a great show :)Amy

  7. Anonymous

    I was devastated by your veiled threat to take an (albeit well earned) break from the C&H podcasts. There's Precious Little else out there for us Gentleman to Review. Take care not to fall into The Trap that your imitators have set for you.Colin (does that count as a sponsorship)of Leicester

  8. Sounded like a great show, but let down by being 5 minutes too long

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