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Victory of the Nerds


Thank you to the Nerd Army, who mobilised last night, after a week of frustration over the Collins & Herring 6 Music Podcast, which was available to download and listen to, but not visible on iTunes. It turned up, but was initially listed as a video podcast, then as News & Politics, but somewhere along the line, last night, it climbed the iTunes Comedy chart to number two, and number three in all podcasts. This morning, it is number one in Comedy, and number two in All. This is admirable work, Army. I guess the only way is down, but from a standing start (sort of), the spin-off double act has done well in under a week.



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12 responses to “Victory of the Nerds

  1. Careful, you guys are in serious danger of getting a regular show on the radio…And then what? Television?Richard will pop.

  2. Anonymous

    Well deserved. Thanks for all the previous podcasts too.

  3. Godot

    The Nerd Army came through for once! Normally we're too busy eating pies, doing the shopping for our mums and crying alone in a dark room.

  4. Anonymous

    How is Boyle still up there? He's only done one, poor quality, episode.Maybe this is a quirk of the mysterious itunes chart – if it counts new subscribers per episode he'll stay there forever – lazy cunt.

  5. Anonymous

    I'm sorry to say that although I did subscribe to the Collins and Herring PodCast before you did your first show, all of this hooplah has brought to my attention the "A History of the World in 100 Objects" PodCast which I thought sounded interesting and have now subscribed to hampering your chances of ever getting the much coveted No. 1 spot.ScotiaNova

  6. Ben

    Is this where we comment on the 6 Music Podcast? I just don't know anymore…My iPod shivered when Richard mentioned Spider Face Man; I once gave him a pound (in 1987 a pound was a lot of money), when he and his spider face gang accosted me outside Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Cornmarket in Oxford. I often wonder what happened to him…PS. Love the show, Steve!

  7. Anonymous

    Hi Guys, found the link on itunes – but no dice! Error – file type unable to be played on itunes or summat… although I appear to be subscribed I have yet to hear your dulcet tones 😦 I guess I could go to BBC iplayer – but I want you on my ipod…. Benshore

  8. Anonymous

    what the hell has happened? i have a feeling i've missed the boat for downloading the bbc podcast – all because i kept typing 'herrin' and not 'herring'. can anyone point me in the right direction for downloading it. thanks

  9. humphrey

    I subscribed as well but it told me that there were no episodes!

  10. iTunes has been mucking us about all week. The new podcast should be available tomorrow (Monday). If you have subscribed it should load automatically. The 6 Music podcasts only stay up for a week, unlike our other podcasts, which all remain available. This is a BBC thing. We're also up on iPlayer for 7 days too.

  11. yossi

    Hello boys,Pace Andrew's ongoing project to document graffiti at the British Library, thought you might enjoy up the good work.Yossi

  12. Dredgie

    AndrewAs you keep mentioning the "Nerd Army" any chance of getting some tshirts made up so we can recognise each other whilst secret dancing on the tube?

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