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Adings and Joring

Gosh Andrew Collings is well rubbish at updating this site. I am forced to do it myself. But I am not as good at him as putting all the stuff together with nice pictures and all that and not entirely sure about how to link to things, but I’ll give it a go. And maybe lazy Collings, with all his “proper” work, can look over it all and correct my mistakes.
Any road we have done two weeks of sitting in for Adam and Joe now – who knows how long it might go on? And you can take a look at our dedicated web page and gall-ery as well as see links to iPlayer and all that shit here (hey that linking was well easy! Maybe it will work out OK.
At the moment it’s only got the Hitler Moustache pics up, but hopefully the 100 (or 28) objects will appear soon.
We’re holding steady at number 4 in the main iTunes charts at the moment, which is still impressively high. So do subscribe if you haven’t already.
There will be a regular Collings and Herrin podcast on Thursday as well. Oh Ambassador with these podcasts you are really spoiling us, Wassup?


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4 responses to “Adings and Joring

  1. humphrey

    It's finally up on iTunes! I can safely listen to it in the car knowing that there won't be swearing on it! Although, as I am very childish, I miss the swearing!

  2. Thanks for the update, Mr. Herring. You really are spoiling us.But I'm worried that you are spending too much time together, what if cabin fever caused one of you to murder the other? It would be a shame if that happened after the 1 hour, 6 minutes and 35 seconds were up.

  3. As a professional Yorkshireman, I think it's spelt 'anyrode'.

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