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Ha! Fooled you! Even though we hinted that there would be no more Collings & Herrin Podcasts because we are now too famous and successful and rich and on the BBC and everything, we were lying. Here is Number 101, which is full of the usual stuff: shameless plugging (not least for the just-out Headmaster’s Son double DVD from Go Faster Stripe), whimsical filth, a passing smudge of topical news-based humour and a rambling anecdote from Richard which begins, innocently enough, with some baked legumes. There will be a sanitised, faintly professional-sounding podcast from this Saturday’s 6 Music show in the usual place on Monday. Most of you don’t deserve us.


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9 responses to “101

  1. Stephen

    Looking forward to listening to this on my commute tomorrow.I read in an email from Go Faster Stripe that the paid podcasts will be on a CD. Won't they also be available as a (paid) download? Seems a bit odd. Surely that'd be cheaper for all, and more profitable for you and GFS (if the price is set right).The pedant in me wants to say that these paid ones aren't podcasts at all. Neither are the video podcasts on RKH's DVDs. They're merely video and audio. To be a podcast it needs to be a audio or video data file that's made available over the internet via a syndication feed such as RSS.Of course I keep that sort of pedantry to myself.

  2. Thank you for not abandoning mah favorite podcast.Despite my fears of having too much of a good thing, I think that the 6Music show has IMPROVED the Collings and Herrin podcast. Richard's alter-ego, "The Podcast Richard Herring", seems renewed. I think he wants to fight back against the more subordinate position that his real self fills when faced with DJ Andrew Collins, 6Music's hot new discovery.Keep on keeping on.

  3. Anonymous

    After listening to the 6 Music podcasts, although enjoyable, I think it could be classed as Collins and Herrin podcast lite. It's nice to have the full fat, sweary podcast too!Oh and I listen to the podcast on my commute to work. It's great for 2 reasons, 1. I sit and snigger to myself 2. Because of that, I always have an empty seat next to me, however packed the tram isJulianGothenburg, Sweden

  4. Brilliant podcast. No, we really don't deserve you :). Can't wait for tomorrow!

  5. Love the show Steve!In a masochistic form of audio self flagellation, I've been listening to your podcasts from number 1 through to the end, well, up to 65, and I saw the Hitler show in Nottingham.It's a bit full on, but I've certainly left my hum drum life behind!

  6. Godot

    Is anyone else having problems with the video podcast on disc 2? On my copy the video works but the only thing I can hear is a faint metallic burbling. Other tracks on the DVDs play fine.

  7. Anonymous

    Love the show, Steve.Just noticed a documentary on BBC4 at 9pm tonight (Tuesday 16th Feb) on Skippy: Australia's First Superstar.Will have to watch to see if the paws on sticks are mentioned.Helen

  8. a nerd

    Some slang 101 for you. An American college course designated 101, e.g. Anatomy 101, would be the introductory course for first-year students. Hence "101" meaning basic knowledge or information of any subject.Richard's great clinging bean farts reminded me of a book we read when the kids were little, Good Families Don't, by Robert Munsch. A family is tormented by the little girl's lavishly mustachioed fart, pictured here (if the link works).

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