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Love the show, Steve

Our third Saturday morning show on 6 Music and it’s starting to feel like it’s actually us on the radio every week and not an elaborate Beadle-style practical joke (although I have been very suspicious about the bearded Arab Sheik who seems to be lurking outside the BBC every time we leave). The gallery of Nerd Army tasks is now up and running, and Lucy, the broadcast assistant on the show [right], is now able to post them as they come in, which means that the Valentines to either me, Richard or Skeletor that came in during today’s show can already be seen in their full, misguided glory. Check it out. Lucy revealed during a Text The Station discussion about words and wordplay that she uses a word she made up – “oomch” or “oomchy“- which describes a pleasurable, sensual sense, such as popping the foil on a new jar of coffee. She said she made it up when she was young. I asked her how old she was. She’s 23. Richard said I was rude to ask a lady her age. But I argued that it would be rude not to ask her age, since we are no longer living in Victorian times.

The podcast takes until Monday to edit and be approved so be patient – it will appear here – or, subscribe at iTunes and put us back up above Frankie Boyle and his successful one podcast. (It may take a bit longer this week as Richard said a word which he didn’t realise was on the BBC List Of Words You Shouldn’t Say; ironically, he used it in place of another word which he didn’t think he could say but in fact could say. It may be that this word is expunged from the podcast. You live and learn. It’s nothing you wouldn’t hear in prison.)


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7 responses to “Love the show, Steve

  1. vicky

    I had a feeling that slip up might have to come out. It must be hard to remember all the regulations when the other show is independently published though.It was a very enjoyable show. The paprika joke was amazing.I hope the nerd army "like the show steve" textathon goes some way towards getting your show a more permanent slot :-pThanks again for debuting my monstrosity and best of luck for the last 2 shows.Sad timesVikz

  2. Jeanette

    Shame the Valentine's cards I found that you & Rich are sending each other didn't make the gal-lery. Maybe they were too late (about 20 mins before the show's end)?Have you seen there's a Facebook group for texting in 'Love the show, Steve…'?

  3. You should never ask a lady her age, but if you're going to do it then it is kind of you to knock a couple of years off the age. I am pretty sure Lucy said she was 25.You nonce.Sorry, hope I haven't offended any paedophiles there.

  4. Anonymous

    Ooh – what was the slip up? I need to know so I can be outraged about it and contact the Daily Mail.Jon

  5. Jim

    Richard has perfected the iPhone hunch – sloping shoulders, elbows in, eyes staring at crotch, hands in crotch area… well I presume he's using his iPhone.Really enjoying the show, it's helping me through work and insomnia, I will miss it…Jim

  6. raishad

    I forgot to record this episode. Would anyone happen to have the full show? And yes, I do know about the podcast, but I do prefer the whole show.

  7. Andy Gray

    I am outraged that you have only been on for a few shows and they have felt the need to shut down the entire radio channel. Why couldnt they just ask you to leave nicely?

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