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Cartoon time

Thanks to illustrator James Stayte for creating this poster design for us, on spec. We’re not going to use it, but we really like it (mainly because it makes us look young and cool and our podcast fans speccy and rubbish), and James said it was OK to publish it here. Perhaps you would like to visit his website and look at his other excellent work.


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6 responses to “Cartoon time

  1. Anonymous

    You should really use that.

  2. Most of the nerds in that poster are far too slim and attractive to be one of us… It's still wonderful, though!

  3. Paul Carr

    I love the fact Collings is in 3/4 length trousers, spectacular attention to detail.

  4. Good work James, but where are the girl nerds? Are we all 'round the back?

  5. Keir

    We're happy with the derogatory characterisation, it amuses us. I can't really deny being one of Richard's "200 hobbits" either!

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