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Props to ace cartoonist Darwinian Theory (possibly not his real name) who has drawn this picture of Collings & Herring & Lamb. This is Darwinian’s second dose of glory – he did the Stand Up Virgilio Soldiers one [below]. I like the fact that Richard is wearing a cap-sleeved t-shirt in it. By the way, Richard and I are now showbiz friends with George Lamb, due to the handover on Saturday mornings on 6 Music, which has engendered radio solidarity among us. He has been very friendly to us, so there. I expect Richard would becomes friends with Peter Kay and Skeletor if he ever met them and they were nice to him.

Check out more cartoons, mainly of Big Brother housemates to be fair, here.


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4 responses to “C&H&L

  1. sixthland

    At first glance I thought it was Andrew wearing the cap-sleeves. It could be called either way if you don't look too closely.

  2. Anonymous

    The meaning of irony part 1:Derision of actor’s mispronunciation of eunuch followed by something about phenylalanine.It’s pronounced fee nile alan een, not fennel alaarn nen.Colin of Leicester

  3. No, the meaning of irony would be me going to an audition whose script contained the word "phenylalanine" and mispronouncing it. I was merely saying it on live radio, without having read the word before.

  4. Aww thanks for the post :). Didn't even think you saw them:)if you ever want a graphic for the 'real' podcasts drop me an email and I will be glad to help for free:)keep up the blogs :). Just don't do the lamb streak to your hair!!!Darren(DarwinianTheory)

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