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Is this the way to Monmouth?

Yes. Even though Richard is away on tour [check local press for details], we have recorded a special, non-topical, Twitter-request podcast to tide you over, with subject matter chosen by you. It is Collings & Herrin Podcast 103, which is even more difficult than 102 – actually, very difficult, since we have no news to discuss, and are too superstitious to mention anyone living, in case they have died since we recorded it last Tuesday. It seemed safe to discuss the proposed hourly bus service from Newport to Monmouth, the famous red hypergiant star VY Canis Majoris, Darts the 70s doo-wop band and the general election, so we did. We hope you enjoy this podcast. It may be our third worst. Or third best. It’s hard, at this remove, to tell. It’s certainly more controversial than anything that lightweight Lenny Bruce came up with.


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7 responses to “Is this the way to Monmouth?

  1. Yes, more and further in this direction. It's what's on everyone's mind anyway. Better out that in.

  2. Andrew – 2 minutes, 36 seconds in – you mention the fact that Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole had split up, a week before the rest of the world knew about it…. either you are clairvoyant, or you are involved. Which is it?

  3. Has Mr Collings had some kind of 'I, Claudius' makeover? What's going on with the hair? No offence intended. Love the show and podcast Steve.

  4. Ians

    I think you got all the Brits predictions right except British Breakthrough, British Single and International Album.

  5. There were some amazing bits, but loads of boring drivel, I think the amazing bits happened because Rich got bored of it.

  6. Just catching up – "Pat the Dog" is an Irish Setter so the "Pat" is in fact a double play on words. Not quite the dog in Dambusters but certainly unlikely to be used nowadays. "What's all that about hey…."

  7. Anonymous actually a coded invitation for Collings to be Richard's bummee.GAY, I BOTTOMERSo come on Collings, when will you finally be the bottomee? If Richard does a second series of A.I.O.T.M., think of what an amazing running joke it would be for him to shout "GAY I BOTTOMER!" and for you to reply "I BOTTOMEE!"It would be so brilliant; please make it happen.Simon

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