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It’s funny because it’s true

Ha ha, thanks to Andy Race, “an avid follower and supporter of C&H in all its guises”, for taking this picture in his adopted home town of Ararat, Australia. He hails from Sheffield and misses his weight in Pukka pies.

I know, I know, in this age of photoshopping and digital trickery, anybody could put the word COLLINGS onto a photo of a street sign, but I’m still gullible enough to believe that funny pictures with words in them are real. I would probably have printed those photos of Iraqi prisoners being weed on too if I had been the editor of the Daily Mirror: “Look, they must be real, there’s a photograph of it!”
(When I worked at the NME in the late 80s, we would often print a photograph a reader had sent in of, say, the sign outside a butcher’s with the name IAN BROWN on it. You had to make your own entertainment in those days.)


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2 responses to “It’s funny because it’s true

  1. Keir

    last time I was signing on, the Job Centre manager was called Ian Brown.

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