Yes, we recorded an extra Collings & Herrin Podcast last Tuesday, because we love you. And we can’t remember what we talked about on it. So it will be very exciting, for both you and us. Just listen to it. It’s designed to tide the nerd army over while Richard is selfishly on tour. It’s non-topical, it’s based upon subject ideas suggested via the magic medium of Twitter, one of which was definitely about how we’d cope in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and it’s sponsored by The Smoking Rolo Sideshow, whose new album is called Rocket Silence. Find out more about them here.


Jesus loves us

We celebrated the beginning of British Summertime on 6 Music today by asking the Nerd Army aka The Servants to send in a picture of something Christmassy in their house. (One of the first in was from Michelle, of three pine needles still on her floor – good effort.) Pictured above and below are Richard’s movable Jesus action figure and the first Christmas CD I found, Christmas With The Rat Pack. You can view the gallery here, and download the podcast when it’s ready here. (Adam Buxton was recording his new solo show in the next studio – it was funny being able to see him while we did he and Joe’s show! He graciously thanked us for looking after it while they’re away. I told him it was like being on Jim’ll Fix It, which might have been a bit too humble, but he is a humbling and hairy man. A bit like Jesus.) Apparently we are now so popular that hundreds of people gathered outside the building while we were on air to show their support. That’s nice, isn’t it?

Clean fingers

We’re back, after six weeks of nerd-neglect, in the attic, for an old-school, EXPLICIT, rambling, music-free, plug-packed, topical Collings & Herrin podcast [number 104], in which we catch up with all those who have given us coffee-and-cake money, congratulate David and Samantha Cameron on the news of their forthcoming election victory, check out the filthy fingernails of the Antiques Roadshow expert Ben Wright (while showing off our own manicured digits) and ask the two burning questions: is it more humane to hang people than put them in prison? And can you milk a baby and make curry? Ah yes, business as usual.

Beatles For Sale

At last, the first Collings & Herrin CD is available to buy from Go Faster Stripe in Wales. That’s four brand new, exclusive podcasts recorded in a professional studio and everything, in Cardiff, on an elemental theme, and with two EXTRAS: Richard reading his childhood stories, and me reading my childhood stories. The CD costs £10 – I paid ten pounds! – and is very much an experiment. If enough of you buy it, we can afford to do another one. If you only like the stuff we do that costs no pounds, we will find out soon enough. You’d be supporting Go Faster Stripe, too, which is a proud, Wales-based indie founded on a love of comedy, so do it for them, if not for us. Warning: contains Richard playing the piano.


Another fun show on 6 Music this morning, despite tiredness. Our reign in the “Adam and Joe slot” will now continue through April and May, we can confirm. Does this mean that Richard will run out of things to complain about in Herring Rules before they take us off the air? If you would like to take a picture of your favourite mug and send it to us for the gallery (which, by the way, thanks to the Nerd Army, is turning into a kaleidoscopic and beautiful wall of visual ephemera – and yes, we know it appears under the Adam and Joe banner, but to create a new page just for us would be more difficult than effecting a handbrake turn in an aircraft carrier, apparently), use the email address (ditto), or post on Twitter to @CollingsA or @Herring1967 … Meanwhile, the 6 Music podcast will be up sometimes over the weekend, or on Monday, depending on how long it takes Mark Thompson to get round to listening to it. And, yes, we’ll be recording a Collings & Herrin Podcast in Richard’s attic on Tuesday, when he really should be enjoying a rare day off. We’ll probably record two, to tide us over two weeks.

Normal service will be resumed

Hey, alarmed nerds, don’t be alarmed about the fact that the Collings & Herrin Podcast is on hold, currently. Richard is on tour, and working very hard, mostly in other towns and hamlets, or in his car, so we have opted to rest it while this is the case. In the interim, you have a weekly Collins & Herring podcast from the now-weekly 6 Music show, a clean version of Collings & Herrin with high production values which has crept up to almost an hour as we’ve settled into the groove, and – we trust- compensates for the lack of a rude version with no production values. We were originally asked to fill the Adam and Joe slot for four weeks; that was extended for another four weeks; that was extended again through April, and May now looks likely too. (As you will know by now, Adam pilots a solo 6 Music show on Easter weekend, but it’s probable that we will co-exist, which is a great result for us, and for bereft Adam and Joe fans who hate us because they think we killed them in order to get on the radio.) So, the latest 6 Music podcast is available here. And it’s 62 mins long.

New jingle required

Hello. We plan to launch a new feature on the Collins & Herring 6 Music show. It is called I LOVE 1983. It will involve Andrew talking about something he loves about the year 1983 and then playing a record from the year 1983. (Basically, I need something to balance up the Collins/Herring imbalance of Herring Rules.) Anyway, no point in starting it until we have a jingle, ideally sounding a bit 1983. Over to you, nerds! Email to

[Above: a photograph of me taken in 1983]