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New jingle required

Hello. We plan to launch a new feature on the Collins & Herring 6 Music show. It is called I LOVE 1983. It will involve Andrew talking about something he loves about the year 1983 and then playing a record from the year 1983. (Basically, I need something to balance up the Collins/Herring imbalance of Herring Rules.) Anyway, no point in starting it until we have a jingle, ideally sounding a bit 1983. Over to you, nerds! Email to

[Above: a photograph of me taken in 1983]


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14 responses to “New jingle required

  1. Anonymous

    Bring back that look Collings!

  2. Martin

    The "I Love 1983" jingle sounds like a good idea, but I think you should also have a "Spoiler Alert!" jingle for the next time you try to discuss Battlestar Galactica.

  3. Now there's a hairdo I can get behind. And I would probably be completely hidden.

  4. I've been thinking of changing my image for a while, but couldn't decide on a new look. Now I have it! What's it called? I Love 1983 Chic?

  5. hehe, sounds like a challenge! (I know my jingle attempts have been pretty dire, but I'm hoping that gleam with cute enthusiasm :o) )

  6. zardoz

    Love the photo, i had a similar style around then myself, being only 2 years older than you although I had the good sense never to listen to the Cure after their second album. Niether did I get into The Cocteau Twins. But i do have to confess to Spear of destiny and Sex gang children.

  7. Niiiice look, especially the brown shoes. Your hair was MASSIVE. At least you weren't a goth like most of Northampton in the 80s.

  8. KeLL

    Are those your records in the photo, or your mum and dad's? I'm guessing your mum and dad's, as yours were likely safe in your room. I'm otherwise dissapointed that I can't figure out even one from the bits of sleeve on display…

  9. That's his hair? I figured he was subsidising his pay at the time by moonlighting as a Queen's Guard at the Tower of London.

  10. They are my mum and dad's records, in my mum and dad's living room. No idea what they are – they had things like Elvis, John Lennon, Bryan Ferry, as well as Andy Williams and Jack Jones, Jesus Christ Superstar and that one of rock tunes played by the London Philharmonic, or something.

  11. Anonymous

    Evan Davis "Nyum Nyum" moment on the R4's Today programme.Listen Again – about 08:27 on Friday March 5th, straight after the piece about vegetarianism.Colin of Leicester

  12. When you announced this new segment, I wondered what your first choice of song from 1983 would be. I figured you'd either go with "True", "Temptation", or "Karma Chameleon". My personal choice would be Depeche Mode's "Everything Counts" as that was probably one of the first items of music I ever bought (I was 10 in 1983), and I actually still have it, on 12" vinyl no less! To be honest though, I'm just glad you didn't go for "Uptown Girl". I hate that song with a passion!

  13. Jane

    great look collins! Not a total 80's cliche – actually quite natty! it's your look – you clearly LOVE 1983.

  14. Collings And The Bunnymen?- pam watson-smith

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