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Normal service will be resumed

Hey, alarmed nerds, don’t be alarmed about the fact that the Collings & Herrin Podcast is on hold, currently. Richard is on tour, and working very hard, mostly in other towns and hamlets, or in his car, so we have opted to rest it while this is the case. In the interim, you have a weekly Collins & Herring podcast from the now-weekly 6 Music show, a clean version of Collings & Herrin with high production values which has crept up to almost an hour as we’ve settled into the groove, and – we trust- compensates for the lack of a rude version with no production values. We were originally asked to fill the Adam and Joe slot for four weeks; that was extended for another four weeks; that was extended again through April, and May now looks likely too. (As you will know by now, Adam pilots a solo 6 Music show on Easter weekend, but it’s probable that we will co-exist, which is a great result for us, and for bereft Adam and Joe fans who hate us because they think we killed them in order to get on the radio.) So, the latest 6 Music podcast is available here. And it’s 62 mins long.


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15 responses to “Normal service will be resumed

  1. Great news that you have been extended into May now as well – the BBC are obviously happy with your excellent work.Must be some validation that those two years and 100+ podcasts were worth something and are now paying you back directly too!Hopefully after Rich has stopped working himself too hard we will get back to having two podcasts per week again. We nerds are always greedy for more as I am sure you are aware.Maybe once A&J sort their lives out, we could have you both shows existing together on 6Music – now that really would be a nerds wet dream :)Keep up the great work, it is appreciated.

  2. Mark

    I'll miss the rude podcast while it's gone but I completely understand that you both need to earn a living way more than you need to sit in an attic swearing at an Apple. I have a cheeky request though – would it be feasible to make your fantastic 6music podcasts 1hr6m35s long for old times' sake, even if it means a few minutes of silence? After all, we C&H listeners are a conservative bunch and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

  3. Anonymous

    What has happened to the 4 podcasts you recorded in Cardiff?I'm off to Mexico at Easter and was looking forward to hearing two middle aged men swear for over 4 hours on the flight overPaul

  4. The Cardiff podcasts are in production. We'll keep you informed.

  5. Anonymous

    what's the significance of the bell ringing during the show?

  6. The bell is a joke based on the fact that we follow George Lamb, who has a whole wall of sound effects. We just have one: a bell.

  7. Manx Tim

    Wow, who did you pay off to get a further extension till end of May. You better watch as with all this paid work the tax man will be after you and you won't be able to legitimately receive coffee and cake money from the C&H die hard fans. Look forward to the next 6music show and some new jingles (hopefully). Will the uncut collings and herrin podcasts start again? Can't believe there's that much production to do on the Cardiff podcasts.Herring Rules!

  8. I recently listened to one of your early podcasts and was amused to hear you discount the possibility that you two could ever take over from Adam and Joe, and proclaim that it could only happen if they died. Glad to hear you haven't actually killed them to get their radio show.

  9. Anonymous

    Andrew, it must also be pretty tough fitting it in with your busy 'Tropic of Cancer' gig taking you all round the world. Seriously, Simon Reeve from that show looks like yours and Mark Steel's bastard love child. Max

  10. loj1987

    A bell is good for what it is… but surely it wouldn't be too difficult to patch in a slightly rubbish roulette wheel sound effect?;)

  11. Anonymous

    If anyone can stick up the 6th March podcast I will be ever so slightly grateful.Dogtanion

  12. Anonymous

    Could it be an (ahem) irony issue that you have been (fnarr, arf etc.) extended just as 6 Music is slated for shut down?Colin of Leicester

  13. Anonymous

    Andrew, Obscure request I know, but can you tell me what Wedding Present song it was you played on the show with Richard about 2 weeks back? Hearing it on the BBC podcast before it was faded down reminded me I need to listen to their old stuff on Spotify and I'm enjoying it muchly. Not sure if I've listened to that specific song though.TaMax

  14. My Favourite Dress from the George Best album – my all-time favourite Wedding Present song!

  15. Anonymous

    Cheers, Its not on Spotify so will have to track down elsewhere. I'm particularly loving Brassneck and Rotterdam at the moment. Saw the Wedding Present at the Portsmouth Pyramids circa 1992 but was not massively into them at the time. The beauty of Spotify is the ability to go back and revisit all that stuff you might have only had on C90 tapes and chucked away years ago. "You're Living All Over Me" by Dinosaur Jnr is the album I've revisited and enjoyed the most. Other stuff like Babes In Toyland and Mudhoney have surprisingly not stood the test of time so well.CheersMax

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