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Another fun show on 6 Music this morning, despite tiredness. Our reign in the “Adam and Joe slot” will now continue through April and May, we can confirm. Does this mean that Richard will run out of things to complain about in Herring Rules before they take us off the air? If you would like to take a picture of your favourite mug and send it to us for the gallery (which, by the way, thanks to the Nerd Army, is turning into a kaleidoscopic and beautiful wall of visual ephemera – and yes, we know it appears under the Adam and Joe banner, but to create a new page just for us would be more difficult than effecting a handbrake turn in an aircraft carrier, apparently), use the email address (ditto), or post on Twitter to @CollingsA or @Herring1967 … Meanwhile, the 6 Music podcast will be up sometimes over the weekend, or on Monday, depending on how long it takes Mark Thompson to get round to listening to it. And, yes, we’ll be recording a Collings & Herrin Podcast in Richard’s attic on Tuesday, when he really should be enjoying a rare day off. We’ll probably record two, to tide us over two weeks.


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8 responses to “Mugs

  1. Graeme

    Managed to listen to the show for the first time today, good stuff. Excellent banter. Loved the 'Shake him off' email/moment. Not my sort of music, but then few stations ever play the weird stuff I enjoy.

  2. Jeanette

    In case any of the Nerd Army don't know, there's a peaceful demonstration against the proposed axing of 6Music outside Broadcasting House next Saturday 27/3 at noon – more details here: presenters have been told they can attend & apparently Gideon Coe & Adam Buxton have said they'll be there.Take along a printout of the Buxton Changes rework & HMHB lyrics too for a bit of a singalong!And if you've not completed the strategic review survey or sent an email voicing your views, this can be done easily from here: take a few minutes to do so, thanks.

  3. Anonymous

    I miss Adam and Joe. :-(Jane

  4. Jane, if you miss Adam and Joe, tell Adam and Joe. Richard and I have been covering for them for eight weeks so far, and have been asked to continue through April and May, as stated. As also previously, stated, we are big fans of Adam and Joe, too. But what do you achieve by telling us that you miss them? Imagine being a supply teacher, who, after eight weeks, was still being told by the class that they missed their previous teacher? It is quite demoralising.By all means miss Adam and Joe, but don't tell us about it.

  5. Darren

    Don't let comments like that demoralise you Andrew! I'm a huge fan of A&J but it's great to see you two getting some recognition, and you do a bloody great show too. Ideally we'd have A&J and yourselves in different regular slots, but things that good rarely happen.I'm sure even most die-hard Adam and Joe worshippers realise you're the best possible subsitute for their deities.Personally I'm loving the show and the podcasts. Long may it continue!

  6. Anonymous

    Ditto Darren’s comments on not getting demoralised and loving the show (Steve) so I’m looking forward to Saturday mornings in April and May.Also ordered the CD podcasts.Please tell me you weren’t actually reading and posting the comments at 4.15 Monday morning. Things always seem worse in the middle of the night.Helenx

  7. Jenny E

    Hi Andrew,Just came across this picture of you two on the Guardian.'ve probably see it already, don't you think you should use it for all future podcasts. The chap in the corner looks like some 'friend' of yours.

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