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Beatles For Sale

At last, the first Collings & Herrin CD is available to buy from Go Faster Stripe in Wales. That’s four brand new, exclusive podcasts recorded in a professional studio and everything, in Cardiff, on an elemental theme, and with two EXTRAS: Richard reading his childhood stories, and me reading my childhood stories. The CD costs £10 – I paid ten pounds! – and is very much an experiment. If enough of you buy it, we can afford to do another one. If you only like the stuff we do that costs no pounds, we will find out soon enough. You’d be supporting Go Faster Stripe, too, which is a proud, Wales-based indie founded on a love of comedy, so do it for them, if not for us. Warning: contains Richard playing the piano.


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22 responses to “Beatles For Sale

  1. Flash

    Ordered my Copy. Looking forward to it!

  2. A few questions:1. Will it be available to buy digitally, eg. on iTunes? CDs are old school, man!2. Will you cut the price in a few weeks time when the excitement has died down, leaving me shouting at the screen "50p?! I paid TEN POUNDS you fuckers!"3. Has anyone stuck it up on the Pirate Bay yet?

  3. Stephen

    This week is my week of payback, since I've just ordered the CD, and The Headmaster's Son, plus I'll be seeing RKH in Cambridge on Friday. Sorry Andrew – you're getting much less than Rich.I'm not too impressed with the delivery method of the CD though. MP3s off of iTunes would be easier (and I'd have thought higher profit margin).I'd be happy to pay a couple of quid for a special podcast download every now and then, which would surely be much more easy for you to organise than production of a CD.I see RKH has posted on Twitter: "We have found it too difficult/expensive to get on iTunes".That's interesting. Do they make it difficult for you to charge for content on iTunes?

  4. Anonymous

    Just ordered mine (and Headmaster's Son, while I was at it).Glad to pay for these as renumeration for all the free ones.ScottW

  5. Louis

    Do you know if Chris will do anykind of bundle offer?

  6. Anonymous

    I'm scared about what the "wind" one might contain.Chris

  7. Jamie

    I just paid my ten pounds!The Lord knows you both deserve it after days and days worth of free podcasts.Thought it was about time I paid something back. Love the show Steve, Cheers.

  8. Dredgie

    Many thanks for getting these out for me to listen to on mah holiday. As per Stephen above,"expensive week" went to see Richard demolish a racist at Aldershot on Thursday and my wife got me headmasters son for mah birthday (complete with a little doodle by RH) & ordered the CDs from Go-Faster last night.Lets hope no one does put them up on Pirate Bay or other "free" download sites- you guys deserve something back for all the freebie podcastsPaul

  9. Ians

    Mine has arrived already! I only ordered yesterday afternoon. Bloody hell that's good service. Well done The Welsh.

  10. Godot

    Anyone who has downloaded all the podcasts for nothing and doesn't pay 10 pounds for this CD is truly a flipping twit. If we don't support non-mainstream, independent stuff like this then no-one else will.

  11. Anonymous

    Just ordered mine. I paid twelve pounds! (inc delivery)

  12. Gazmus

    Ordered mine, am FAR happier to have the money go to some no doubt lovely Welsh people than to the black polar neck wearing gits at Apple 🙂 Cheers fellas!

  13. It was pretty easy to get on itunes if you sell cds through an outfit called CD Baby. I don't work for them or anything, but do sell a CD there; our digital download to CD sales $$ is 2:1. You go to their site fill in some info and then send them some CDs.

  14. Andy Gray

    Ok will put my tenner in – but as I am in Wales shouldn't I get some money off? Why should the Welsh air kissing media luvvies get all the gravy

  15. Anonymous

    Dear SirI am writing to register disappointment with my purchase of "The Best of Earth, Wind and Fire". I was looking forward to enjoying some American funk and RnB featuring all the hits, including Got To Get You Into My Life, Boogie Wonderland and, of course, the 1982 no. 29 hit single "I've Had Enough".Instead, I was forced to listen to 2 idiots swearing at each other for 4 hours. There was little-to-no funk at all.I paid £10!!!!!Your sincerelyMaurice White

  16. Anonymous

    Does JUVENILIA 1 include Richard's "why do chinky boys have slitty eyes?" song?Iain

  17. Rowan

    I agree with Gazmus – I'd rather pay a bit more to keep GFS going than pay it to Steve Big Jobs. Plus, mad props to the dispatch monkeys over in Cardiff – I ordered mine at about 4pm yesterday, and it's just plopped into my hands this morning. Wonderful stuff.

  18. Is it coming out on vinyl?

  19. mbedd

    yay- it came today. On a tangent I have to say how great the artwork is- the only comediens I've ever wanted on my wall, 2nd only to the amazing iphone app cock drawing picture – get the 'go fasters' to release some big posters- I can guarantee you will sell over 6 prints. Great to have you back in full dirty podcast form, but your 6 music casts are superb- nothing like a good dose of corporate constraint to add to the humour. Love the show 'Shterve' (

  20. Dave

    Like when Coronation St made that straight-to-video cruise episode in the early 90s and had characters exclaiming "you won't believe what happened on that cruise!" etc, now Collings and Herrin can insert teasing references into the regular podcast to let the fools who didn't buy it know what they're missing.Great to see everyone agreeing that the podcasts are worth paying for with pounds every once in a while, and great news about all those Edinburgh shows too.Ffft ffft ffft!

  21. Anonymous

    @ScottW: "remuneration", not "renumeration". Make some effort and have some pride in your use of language, man!^_^Rob

  22. Anonymous

    Being a pedant I feel the need to point out that in the picture both aerosols clearly have the word 'gold' printed on them. It's as if the image has been photoshopped (but I know you would never do that, that would be like lying to your listeners).Please ignore my pedantry. 🙂

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