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Clean fingers

We’re back, after six weeks of nerd-neglect, in the attic, for an old-school, EXPLICIT, rambling, music-free, plug-packed, topical Collings & Herrin podcast [number 104], in which we catch up with all those who have given us coffee-and-cake money, congratulate David and Samantha Cameron on the news of their forthcoming election victory, check out the filthy fingernails of the Antiques Roadshow expert Ben Wright (while showing off our own manicured digits) and ask the two burning questions: is it more humane to hang people than put them in prison? And can you milk a baby and make curry? Ah yes, business as usual.


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9 responses to “Clean fingers

  1. Anonymous

    Cheers,You're my go-to guys for talkin' shit.Is it wrong to say I prefer this to the 6 Music podcast? Well, I do.Steve.

  2. Someone tell Richard he can spend Euros in M&S!

  3. Rich

    Steve is right. It's so good to have the unfettered Collings and Herrin back. Thanks guys. Look forward to getting hold of the CD.

  4. Thank God! I know Rich has been busy touring and Andrew's been busy…. well, whatever it is he does do*, but I've been itching to hear a new podcast – Logging on to the British Comedy website everyday and seeing the same picture made me think that we might not ever get another one.(*Only joking Andrew, I also caught a lot of the mid-week shows too).As much as the 6Music shows have been, I've missed the swearing, hatred and filth (the occasional slipped innuendo from the lads on Saturday mornings merely wheted my appetite! Nyum, nyum, nyum).I'll definitely be buying the Earth Wind And Fire (And Water) audiobooks too, if only to pay for the 100+ hours of free entertainment over the last two years.Thanks Andrew and friend.

  5. Rich

    Having now listened to episode 104, I have to say that it was one of my all time favourites. The David Cameron stuff was so funny. Can't remember the last time I laughed so much. Wonderful. Thanks.

  6. Mark

    I like both potcasts a lot if you're interested and you have my thanks if you can find a use for them.

  7. Could have done with some more Stewart Lee references.

  8. Anonymous

    I too agree with Steve.Only "Men of Achievement 1974" could save the BBC6 Music show for me. Was it you who owned that book, Richard, or the Stewart Lee one of you? If you still have it, fucking do some segments from it on the radio show please.Norm

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