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Jesus loves us

We celebrated the beginning of British Summertime on 6 Music today by asking the Nerd Army aka The Servants to send in a picture of something Christmassy in their house. (One of the first in was from Michelle, of three pine needles still on her floor – good effort.) Pictured above and below are Richard’s movable Jesus action figure and the first Christmas CD I found, Christmas With The Rat Pack. You can view the gallery here, and download the podcast when it’s ready here. (Adam Buxton was recording his new solo show in the next studio – it was funny being able to see him while we did he and Joe’s show! He graciously thanked us for looking after it while they’re away. I told him it was like being on Jim’ll Fix It, which might have been a bit too humble, but he is a humbling and hairy man. A bit like Jesus.) Apparently we are now so popular that hundreds of people gathered outside the building while we were on air to show their support. That’s nice, isn’t it?


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  1. Anonymous

    Just reading next weeks listings and oddly the Best of Adam and Joe on 6music is up against Liza Tarbuck and Adam Buxton in for Jonathan Ross on Radio 2.ScottW

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