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Yes, we recorded an extra Collings & Herrin Podcast last Tuesday, because we love you. And we can’t remember what we talked about on it. So it will be very exciting, for both you and us. Just listen to it. It’s designed to tide the nerd army over while Richard is selfishly on tour. It’s non-topical, it’s based upon subject ideas suggested via the magic medium of Twitter, one of which was definitely about how we’d cope in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and it’s sponsored by The Smoking Rolo Sideshow, whose new album is called Rocket Silence. Find out more about them here.


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11 responses to “Surprise

  1. Sponsored? Not 'suckin satans pecker' are we?

  2. No more or less so than last time we were sponsored by Magners, Profanity App, Rhythm Festival etc. We met the bloke in the band and we liked him. Sorry if that offends you.

  3. Doesn't offend me really Andrew,Just re read Bill Hicks book and it is still fresh in my mind.Sorry if I got you all defensive.Being fairly new to this blog I didn't realise you had supped from the satanic member before .Drink deep and long as long as the quality and content control stays with you,just ordered the CD earlier today if that makes amends ……

  4. Adam

    I've been listening to the GFS CD in the car on the way to work and on lunch breaks. I'm currently temping doing a rubbish job I don't enjoy and you have both single-handedly* made my day better. So thank you both very much and yay for a new podcast!

  5. Magners is fucking awful stuff though

  6. The amounts of money we are given are generally enough to buy us a cake and a coffee. We mention people more in the spirit of supporting other cottage industries than anything. This podcast is unlikely to make us trouble the Sunday Times rich list!We have indeed been "sponsored" by many people and businesses and get paid in jelly beans, caffe nero cards and children's pocket money. We will let you know when we sell out. Promoting an indie band who are not on a label in return for all their (insubstantial) PR money is hardly sucking Satan's cock and very much in the spirit of the podcast.If all 30,000 of you buy our CD we would make some proper money. So get on with that if you like us!

  7. Sam

    I've bought the CD but I'd like to categorically state I'm not sucking anyone's cock. Not even Cl*ff R*chards's'.I paid £12!

  8. There was way too much appreciation for the 'skills' of James Cordon for my liking.

  9. Anonymous

    Is Andrew trying to copy the dog's smile?

  10. Anonymous

    I am posting this during the interval of Mr Herring's Norwich show. Row C since you ask. Looking forward to second half. Isn't technology wonderful?Pete

  11. Andy

    Richard,Thank you for a cracking show at the Norwich Playhouse… thoroughly enjoyed it.At the end I donated a big fat tenner for your podcast with Andrew Collins and you asked me to email you with my name etc.So, here it is…If you could acknowledge the sponsorship on behalf of both myself, Andy Larkin, and my good friend Paul Saxton it would be most appreciated… and if you could call him a cunt at some point in your podcast, that would be especially welcomed… and laughed at.Thanks once again for great comedy and some very valid points to ponder also.Warm regardsAndy

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