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Dyin’ Air

Armed with a brand new, Marvin’s-head-style external microphone that actually seems to work and a pot of actually quite disgusting Jelly Beans, we selflessly produce an audiophile-friendly Collings & Herrin Podcast [number 106] despite having to hit the ground running and record in the brief hour-long window between Andrew coming off air at 6 Music and Richard gallivanting to the Infidel premiere. In it, we mainly discuss the fact that Andrew is better than Richard because he has been in the studio audience of a recording of Have I Got News For You, while Richard has only been on it. There is even time, after the interminable list of coffee-and-cake donors, and the necessary plugs for any other business, to cover Weekend At Bernie’s II, the fact that Richard’s Dad fancies Professor Brian Cox, the exact nature of the prelude to a heart attack, and the Mooncup. Tell us what you think of the sound quality. No, really. We invite it. You will have to listen to find out what the funny, improvised joke “Dyin’ Air” means. Put it in the show.


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11 responses to “Dyin’ Air

  1. Anonymous

    I think Steve Bell's David Cameron just evolved into a condom from a rather similar looking jellyfish. Both are "transparent" in a sarcastic way, but also give the impression of a smooth/airbrushed and greasy skin texture.GB

  2. Greg

    The new mic has done wonders for your podcast's listenability, gents; A nice consistent sound. Good investment!

  3. Godot

    I'd bet cash monies that Herrin's chest pain is reflux. That or a pang of guilt for all the horrible things he's said about Collings, the listeners and Shepton Mallet.

  4. Cameron sounds like Condom. Sort of.

  5. Anonymous

    probably wrong place to post this but.. HIGNFY was great, the best for ages, because of yourself. Loved the way you insulted Hislop instantly for no reason and it was also nice to see Mr. Merton put some effort in because there was a real comedian next to him for a change. Armstrong was bland- but agree he should be the host. Looking forward to the expanded version.

  6. Neil

    Thanks for mentioning The Words Fail Me Podcast, and glad to see one of the Cafe Nero cards made it into the picture!Excellent podcast again, you still have it!


    the two of you discussing the Moon Cup was hilarious – it was almost word for word what my boyfriend said when he discovered mine in the drawer some years ago:"what is it?" "what's it made of?" "what, you put it INSIDE?!?!" I laughed out loud.

  8. John

    hey – just started listening to the podcast after seeing Rich in Leeds last week. It's gonna take a me ages to download them all – can anyone recommend a few of the best podcasts to get me started, or is that asking too much?It is? Oh

  9. Garthdp

    Hello chaps. Thanks for the latest podcast However in podcast 2 you did promise to report back in a couple of years on the fattest guy in the world,Manuel Aribe.Any news?

  10. Anonymous

    Just listened to this Saturday's 6Music show. Collings has become a bit trigger happy with the old sound effects CD when he's not the one speaking!xJames Hancliffe

  11. Of course, the highlight if last Saturdays show was the reading out of my email- which managed to gain me a grand total of one new Twitter follower!Thanks fellas!

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