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Doing this guy at night

In our 107th podcast [it will appear here soon, Orange Mark willing], we weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of NHS versus private healthcare in terms of service, waiting time, cost at point of delivery, bedside manner, general machinery you can be hooked up to and the likelihood or not of a happy finish and the application of unguent. In other words, Richard has had a life-changing brush with mortality, and Andrew hasn’t. There’s a bit of the election, the “paedo bikini”, York City’s youths, the rabbit whisperer/murderer and a joke about Patrick Moore that may or may not make it into Andrew’s £7 work-in-progress stand-up set. We also see who is the best author out of Richard, Andrew, Stuart Maconie, Stewart Lee and Emma Kennedy. (It is not Stewart Lee.)


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3 responses to “Doing this guy at night

  1. JonB

    Just listening to "Fire" from the CD (a non-Legge-acquired copy) and loving it. Thought the Prince Charles auto-bio title bit was hysterical.Question for Andrew – you mentioned a village in Surrey with a huge bonfire… was that Brockham?

  2. pete

    My order of the podcast CD arrived in New Jersey today allowing me to listen to it on my flight home to Dublin this Sunday. I was originally meant to fly last Thursday but it got canceled.So at least some good came of this volcanic ash despite Andrews Chris Evans style callous tweets.

  3. JonB

    Also, the Lincoln Q&A is on the CD – but not listed on the packaging. So it's an extra extra!

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