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For one week only

Richard Herring was on his way to Whitby for one of the final Hitler And His Moustache shows, which meant he couldn’t do the Collins & Herring show on 6 Music, so his Chortle-Award-stealing, Iron Maiden Fan Club-belonging, Action Man scar-faced nemesis Michael Legge filled his shoes [look, there he is in the picture between Uncle Henry and Nephew Will, who’s filling in for Niece Lucy while she is skiing]. It was fun, except when I played Simple Minds’ Belfast Child at him, and he accused me of reigniting the Troubles, when I was just trying to make him homesick. And yes, there will be a Collins & Legge 6 Music podcast for one week only. No doubt it will appear here, and on iTunes, on Monday, as usual, when Management have checked it for penises. (We had a lot of texts and emails about penises.) Don’t forget, if you’re in London on Monday night, you have the fun of deciding whether to come and see me and Michael at the Hen & Chickens, or Richard Herring at the Albany. YOU DECIDE. (I say: vote Dalek.)


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3 responses to “For one week only

  1. Michael Legge is a cunt.

  2. corbypunk

    A total random aside, i know you love commenting on weird shit on the podcast, I think I`ve just found the weirdest thing ever on you tube. i was looking for old footage of wicksteed skate park but instead found videos of various toilets in the park being flushed! aparrantly theres a whole subculture on youtube of people visiting toilets around the country and videoing their flushes then uploading them! Weirdest thing i`ve ever seen

  3. Anonymous

    If that's the weirdest thing you've ever seen, I can safely assume you've never seen a man smear his face in marmalade and encourage a passing pensioner to lick it off. I've never seen that either, but it would be quite weird.Anyway. I enjoyed the Michael Leggery of the show on Saturday. Good work all round people.

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