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Aaron Chwatt lives!

Surprise! Here is Collings & Herrin Podcast 108, without warning. [It is in the pipe awaiting the selfless Orange Mark’s attention – check here.] We apologise that it is one hour, 13 minutes and 50 seconds long – this is because we recorded it on Richard’s new laptop and for some reason it didn’t cut us off at the usual one hour, six minutes and 35 seconds. Like a cloud of volcano dust, we cover everything – ha ha – from the new Dunkirk and John Wayne Gacy to the Leaders’ Debate, The Poseidon Adventure (topical!), Red Buttons’ real name and Kiefer Sutherland’s big night out (ie. not the one he spent with Andrew). As ever, Richard, while auto-asphyxiating with a spare lead, is very encouraging about Andrew’s tentative steps into comedy and not at all dismissive of the Precious Little podcast.


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11 responses to “Aaron Chwatt lives!

  1. Richard, I am so very. very sorry. I didn't mean to..honest…I accidentally listened to the 'wrong' Podcast and heard some stranger…(STRANGER!)…speaking in your place with AC on 6 Music.It felt wrong on so many levels and I feel ashamed. I hope you can forgive me.

  2. Anonymous

    Awh, I love you two. You brighten my walk to work.

  3. Anonymous

    I have a chang beer shirt very much like yours. Chang beer makes a very atractive shirt but a very poor beer.Ben from Oz.

  4. Rich

    Thanks for the 'free' extra minutes, guys. Of course, you do realise we're going to want even more next week. It's about time you gave us something back for all of the free time we invest in listening to your hard work.

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for introducing me to the Precious Little podcast.

  6. Anonymous

    Gay I bottomer!John H

  7. Felt a bit weird when it kept going past the standard length…sort of like I was intruding on your private time. Good stuff though, as ever. Finally finished listening to the exclusive Go Faster Stripe podcasts the other day and would highly recommend them. It was worth the ten pounds just to hear you both losing it towards the end of Fire.

  8. Looking forward to the next one. I'm sure, had he been around this week, Richard would have contrived some quite disturbing Gordon Brown microphone scenarios.


  10. MONDAY!!!!!! (Richard has been on holiday this week.)

  11. Anonymous

    The reason why the podcast cuts off on Andrew's laptop because his software is set up to limit it to a maximum length of one audio CD which, of course, is …There's some checkbox on Andrew's laptop unchecked on Richard's. Audio CDs. How quaint.

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