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Servants of the Wankh

The latest, clean, 6 Music Collins & Herring podcast is up, including your stories (and ours) of holiday jobs. Meanwhile, the explicit Collings & Herrin 109 will be recorded later this afternoon and should be available before you go to bed tonight. Meanwhile the Mosaic Of Commitment, courtesty of 13 weeks thus far of Nerd Army pics [see: above], continues to grow – although for some reason you have to go to a page by some people called Adam and Joe to see it. If you’d like to add a pic of whatever book you’re currently reading, email it to


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2 responses to “Servants of the Wankh

  1. @AndyMcH

    Sounded like you were both having a whale of a time on this podcast. I didn't hear the full show but the podcast kept me over-amused on the bus. Particularly the cow-poo squeegee-er story..

  2. Mark

    This was your best 6Music show yet. Mind you, my iPlayer stuck a few times (as it does) and I was convinced that you'd been hauled off-air for forgetting that you weren't in Richard's attic!Keep up the good work you flippin' glorious idiots!

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