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Cox! Cox! Cox!

The new Collins & Herring 6 Music podcast is already available from iTunes and here (thanks to Will/Tom, for such quick work, although it’s a shame Richard shouting, “Cox! Cox! Cox! Pull you finger out! Cox!” didn’t make it past compliance as it may have been the funniest thing he’s ever said on the radio). And if you’d like to add to the Mosaic Of Commitment – formerly the Gallery, in future maybe something else Rich has threatened to think of – then send pics of you (or a pet, or a relative, or a baby, or an inanimate object) sleeping, without any funny business, to

The next Collings & Herrin Podcast will be recorded tomorrow (Monday), pre-Sony Awards!


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7 responses to “Cox! Cox! Cox!

  1. Anonymous

    Ha, where abouts is Cox on listen again? :)Jen

  2. Right at the start, first link, after the first two songs …

  3. Anonymous

    Hello, Just listening to the latest podcast. You discuss Monty Python's Big Red Book and a vaguely inappropriate mock advert. I've just been flicking through my well thumbed copy of the aforementioned Big Red Book and I can't find that anywhere. Just out of interest, what was the four syllable word?

  4. MAS-TUR-BA-TION … I can't find my copy of the book, I'd love it if someone could scan this page! (Of course, it could be in the other Monty Python book?)

  5. Anonymous

    Ah of course. Nowhere to be seen in my copy of The Big Red Book unfortunately. Although it is chock full of 1920's era nudes that, although I have no concrete memory of doing so, I'm almost certain that I must have used for the four syllable word. Ah, to be young again. Cheers muchly Andrew.

  6. Laura

    No, the funniest thing Richard has said on the radio was that bit about yogurt pot lids. I nearly wet myself.

  7. Anonymous

    I think this is the page you guys are looking for.:) It's in 'The Brand New Monty Python Bok'. probably can't read the last sentence but it says: "If you would like further literature on this difficult subject write to 'The Right to Mast'".- Aino

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