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Jonny Mole/Andy Collins gay

In this special pre-Sony Awards podcast, number 110 [it’s with Orange Mark, bear with us], we actually get dressed into our monkey suits as we prepare to attend the “radio Oscars” in London’s actually-real Mayfair. Uniquely, the podcast is recorded on Andrew’s laptop, without the new mic; yes, we are kicking it old skool, but counterintuitively we are sitting in an actual BBC studio at 6 Music, booked out by Andrew’s 6 Music producer Jonny, which is all soundproofed and everything. Talk is mainly of Britt Ekland, sex with Neanderthals, Jeremy Paxman, Nigel Farage’s trouser leg, Rome, Hitler, infecting Brian Cox’s laptop with a dead squirrel and the Great Fire at the British Library. Wish Richard luck – by the time you hear this AIOTM will either have won or not won a Sony Award. And congratulations to Stewart Lee on his Bafta nomination, which is no way overshadows Richard’s achievement.

And we apologise to anyone who walked past the studio and saw Richard’s bum at the glass in the door while he was changing. [Not pictured]


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9 responses to “Jonny Mole/Andy Collins gay

  1. joyfeed

    Richard looks like a character in Deadwood in this picture.

  2. henweb

    Bad luck on not winning, AIOTM team. As I posted to Richard on Twitter (though I suspect he ignores most of my tweets!) you may have lost a Sony, but you have won our hearts. Or something.

  3. Godot

    I just want to be the first to point out the irony in Collings asking Herrin whether it's possible to sexually harass a man.

  4. raishad

    Hey Andrew, what was the name of the book you were reading on communism?

  5. More a book about post-Communism: The Oligarchs by David E Hoffman. I find Robert Service's biography of Lenin excellent on the subject, though, as well as the more obvious Court Of The Red Tzar by Simon Sebag Montifiore.

  6. a. Rich scrubs up nice doesn't he? b. He needs to keep the beard.c. OMG SPATS! :Dd. Andrew, I hope you wore a coloured tie, you can't get away with black on black without a bit of colour…

  7. Richard looks disturbingly like Justin Lee Collin(g)s in this pic — not good, not good at all…

  8. Anonymous

    LOL at the picture for this podcast. "Boglings and Herrin" would be more like it!Simon N

  9. Graeme

    Love the podcast, Steve. The corpsing in the middle was wonderful and brightened my day.Incidentally, if it's awkward for Mr C to confess who he voted for as it may affect his BBC impartiality, is it ok for him to admit his fondness for communism?Q

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