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The Richard Herring Show

Take that, Ricky Gervais! Somebody has brilliantly animated 20 seconds of our podcast in the style of The Ricky Gervais Show! The “somebody” is called Superluminescence, who is actually called Alan, and their website is here. Go and make it the most-watched YouTube clip since that John Lewis advert with a woman in it.


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7 responses to “The Richard Herring Show

  1. Rob

    They have Andrew brilliantly captured but why does Richard look more like Matt Berry? So much better than the cackling chubster Ricky Gervais 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    That's brilliant! Would love to see more. The "cutaways" could prove to be interesting considering some of the topics you two chat about.

  3. Anonymous

    The Andrew Collings Show surely??

  4. Anonymous

    I approve of this. Bored with Gervais and Pilkington now. And the lanky bandwagon one.s.ayres


    That is genius! We want more please Alan!

  6. Ah, you see, the dissimilarity is a clever reference! If Andrew is Karl and Richard is Ricky/Stephen, so Andrew's cartoon is recognisable whilst Richard's… not so much. (And/or: I found Richard more difficult to get, and five o'clock shadow is simpler than a beard…)I'll wait for HBO's offer, although I think many of Richard's podcast thoughts are best left unvisualised…

  7. Dave

    Surely the original 'Lion Man' was the first C&H podcast to receive the animated treatment back in 2008 (even if tiny Andrew Collings' mouth didn't move). This is still great though.

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