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Our brilliant Korea

In the post-Sonys podcast, which is number 111 [wait for it, wait for it], we try to squeeze one last extra drop of observational humour from a man who is currently doing three podcasts a week – and, after he’s appeared on Five Live’s 7 Day Sunday this Sunday, four podcasts a week – and clearly showing the strain. Luckily, a whole assortment of people have sought Richard out to secure sponsorship while he’s been flogging his book up and down the land, so most of the podcast is taken up with namechecking them, then some adverts, then a bit of a spat on Twitter with a man who provocatively Tweeted Richard during the podcast, then some more adverts, and finally a philosophical debate about Dr Craig Venter playing God and whether we should live more like monkeys. If you find the podcast “a bit meh” (not a phrase either of us would ordinarily stoop to), then let Richard know by name on Twitter via @Herring1967. Oh, and thanks for the Korean products that are featured in the photo just in time for the nuclear war: ha ha, one of them is nearly called SHITE.


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9 responses to “Our brilliant Korea

  1. Keir

    If your podcast numbering was binary, this would be the seventh. FACT.My verification word was pleefora. Is that supposed to be plethora?

  2. Jeanette

    Maybe you should do a podcast at the 6music demo at Broadcasting House, Noon – 2pm Sat 22/5, just to keep your numbers up?Hope you're taking along some Battenburg cake.

  3. See you all at the demo, kids.

  4. Andrew – in case Richard will only lend you his Peep Show DVDs in exchange for some form of "relief", you might want to look at Channel 4's 4od. All the series are there to stream along with, gasp, all the original Adam and Joe series and many other delights.Have a good weekend. Love the show Steve.

  5. Alan

    Hello All just had podcast 111(known as Nelson…..)and it was as good as ever can't wait for the next one

  6. Anonymous

    This podcast is number "Paul McCartney and his wife in the afternoon." Or evening; can't quite remember. Sorpid Grey

  7. Anonymous

    Just listened to "Fire". I have a stitch from laughing so much during the moment of hysteria towards the end. I was laughing even though it took me three rewinds to fully interpret what Richard was saying. Lovely to hear that kind of utterly unabashed and highly infectious laughter. Thanks chaps.

  8. Anonymous

    Hite is S***e, I live in Korea and can vouch for that. I have just spent the night drinking with my husband, we drank our duty free instead. I'm quite partial to a Pocari Sweat during the summer. Love the Show Steve! and long live Oat milk

  9. PJ

    Is the mention of a Manchester-based podcast gig idle conversation or likely to happen sometime soon?

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