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Keep your money!

In our 112th podcast overall, and the fifth podcast an almost-spent Richard has recorded in six days, we exhaustively and exhaustedly ignore the newspapers (for which Andrew paid a pound) and instead discuss the historical accuracy of Roman epics, including the new Australian-made, racy, foul-mouthed, blood-soaked Bravo miniseries Blood and Spunk, the ethical and linguistic accuracy of The Time Machine and Avatar (see how up to date we are with the films?), the disappearance of Samantha Mumba, and the main differences between having the saddle stolen off your bike and being raped; we also come up with a brilliant theme for our next commercially available CD, mourn the death of one of Slipknot, and ponder the scribbled notes in one of Richard’s many unused notebooks, one of which seems to be part of someone called Tanya’s credit card number [not pictured], and another says, “sexual malaise” [pictured], with a box round it.

You will have to wait up to five days for the next podcast with Richard on it.


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8 responses to “Keep your money!

  1. Anonymous

    In addition to adopting his voice, Mr Collings has more than a passing resemblance to Mr Bean in that photo.Colin

  2. Anonymous

    Isn't Collings the one on the left?

  3. Anonymous

    Okay, Collings is now looking more and more like a boglin in these pictures. Why is this happening plz?Simon E

  4. Anonymous

    Oh my god, he is! Ha haaa! A boglin Mark Steel!!jay

  5. The other day on Twitter Richard posted the following link to a fantastic clip of Ray Alan and Lord Charles. Imagine my delight to see that Lord Charles has his very own Tiny Andrew Collings. We really all should have one.

  6. Anonymous

    Sad to tell ye samantha Mumba isnt even big in Ireland anymore. She did have a comeback concert planned a couple of years back but it was cancelled becasue she only sold 4 tickets. She could of been the Irish rihannaAndrew (from Ireland)

  7. Geoff

    Was the bird singing in the background at 4:10 a Dunnock? Do I win a prize?

  8. Just a couple of points about Spartacus. Even though I'm in the UK too I've already seen the entire first season, though let's not go into the specifics of that! Firstly, it isn't Australian – it was filmed in New Zealand. Secondly, it isn't about the (I'm) Spartacus everybody knows about. The main character is just given that moniker as like the original he's a fierce warrior who is also Thracian. It's basically branding/name recognition for the crowds. Thirdly, it's actually a really good series, though very stylized, even if it is filmed on green screen. When describing it to a friend, the easiest description I could come up with is that it's like 300. But, you know, not shit.

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