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Ah well, it had to happen. A tired and emotional and dampened Richard Herring said a rude word on our Saturday morning show on 6 Music. If you’re the sort of pathetic person who gets a kick out of hearing a man say what is a very moderately offensive word – one found, albeit hidden, in the Top 2 hit Tubthumping by Chumbawamba – then you can hear it being said, in the literal heat of the moment when he poured a whole cup of warm coffee into his own lap, on the iPlayer, where is it currently the fifth most popular 6 Music show on the iPlayer, here. If you don’t feel the need to hear that word, or all the records we played, then you can download the podcast, all 40 minutes of it, here. It’s quite a disgusting one, actually, as we asked listeners to tell us about their worst eating experiences. So if you’re eating, listen away now. Oh, and our nice new, permanent-seeming homepage (as permanent-seeming as anything on 6 Music) is here. And if you want to see the beginnings of our gallery of Nerd Army baby pictures, it’s very hard to find, so try this. And if you want to send your picture to the gallery which nobody will be able to find, email us at this address.

These are ours – very professionally taken by Richard’s niece Lucy:


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7 responses to “Piss

  1. It was very strange, like hearing Santa swear, even though he swears all the time usually…

  2. Paul

    Yeah, Santa's one hell of an expletive filled piss fountain. That's why parents are always desperate to get their kids to sleep before he appears.

  3. I'm actually surprised to hear that "piss" is still considered to be a rude or offensive word. I'm positive I've heard it several times on daytime TV, if only in the phrase "piss and vinegar". Did Richard receive a yellow card warning over this? I would hope not.

  4. Santa swears all the time?

  5. Anonymous

    Piss is considered a 'rude' word??? Well I never…

  6. I have almost overdosed on Herring podcasts in the last 7 days such has been his output along with tiny Andrew Collins. I am only amazed that a pathetic 'piss' was uttered. I was certain a stronger swear word would be issued in error. With so many broadcast/podcast on offer it was only a matter of time before he forgot where he was. If the incident warranted a BBC yellow card Mr Herring will certainly be more careful from now on which will make compulsive listening.Mike WalkerBristol

  7. Dave

    Congratulations on making one of the most disgusting podcasts since Adam & Joe's 'animal death.' I actually yelled out loud in repulsion a few times.Please keep the shit teenage poems coming, they were ace!

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