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Lee and Maconie

In what could be the last ever Collings & Herrin podcast, unlucky number 113, Andrew and Richard try to process certain “issues” that threaten to bring their relationship to an untimely and fictional end

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16 responses to “Lee and Maconie

  1. corbypunk

    i hope the "issue" isnt you getting sacked from 6 music for richards tiny faux pas at the weekend! i would hope the world has moved on from the days of people being shocked by swearing on bill grundy`s show!

  2. @AndyMcH

    Can't wait for next weeks to see if all has been repaired fingers crossed..0

  3. Loading it up now for listening at work later.I'm guessing the issue is the portrayal of Tiny Andrew Collings in the latest AIOTM. Runs the risk of doing for the real Andrew Collins what Bo'Selecta did for Craig "clueless buffoon" David.Should be a good listen!

  4. Stewart

    Great podcast, as usual but a definite undercurrent of tension throughout the show.It's hard to know what to make of it, are the two of you deliberately playing up the tension or has Richard overstepped the mark with his AIOTM (AIOTM)sketches?I'd hate for this, mah favourite podcast, to end but it'd be even worse if two good friends parted ways.

  5. Seress

    The undercurrent of tension makes this mah favourite podcast to date for me.

  6. Anonymous

    Andrew Collins is a fucking idiot if he breaks up this ground breaking partnership. Doesn't he know that Rich didn't swear on the radio show – it was a naughty dog !

  7. Anonymous

    Can't wait to hear more from Andrews character "Chubby Richard Herring". I think it's a winner!Here's a few suggestions for catchphrases that could be good for the character. "Where's my iphone!", "Buy my book" and "I just want to be on the telly".Lucas

  8. And indeed it was a good listen. I hope the salmon and vegetables helped restore a sense of detente. For what it's worth, although I found the Andrew Collings section of AIOTM really funny, I did think Richard was pushing his luck a bit. Kind of like the result from quantum theory, wherein the act of observing changes the thing being observed. The more Andrew Collings becomes "real" the more we'll lose the essence of the original (and possibly the best) Andrew Collins.Enjoy the sunshine!

  9. Rich

    This is great. It's even more fun when you two fall out.

  10. MCS

    If you two were cowboys, the solution would be simple (here in the U.S., everyone is either a cowboy or a member of the cast of Baywatch. It's a great life) – Andrew socks Richard on the jaw, Richard picks himself, dusts off his ten-gallon hat and asks, with a bit of irony, "Feel better now?" Andrew says, "I reckon" and they share a bottle of whiskey, or, if they're these postmodern sort of cowboys, make sweet love.

  11. henweb

    Despite getting lightly mocked for being a bit too keen (though the insinuation that I'm friends with Sarah Brown did nothing bad for my ego, arf arf) I thought this was a great episode – the tension was definitely there, but I'm hoping in more of a dramedy way. I listened to all three AIOTM episodes after this (they were in my queue) and have to admit that I did laugh a bit too heartily at Dan's "Tiny Andrew Collings" monologue – I found myself hoping that Andrew might drop a few 'Aside:" comments in to his 6music show that night! I hope the winning partnership continues, I for one would be very sad to see it end. Even if I am a bit too keen!

  12. A really good one. Made me realise that one of the main USPs of the podcast is the unvarnished honesty of both participants, and it was refreshing and disarming for the tension to be acknowledged and used as the material for some great chat. For the record, while I entirely understand and sympathise with Andrew's disquiet about the direction AIOTM seems to be heading in, part of me is gagging in anticipation of the ludicrously inappropriate places that Richard seems destined to take his current comic conceit to.

  13. …er, I should add for the AIOTM listeners, I'm not that Ben Walker. Though my girlfriend's name is Sue, which made the credit "produced by Ben Walker and Sue" at the end of last week's show quite popular in our house.(word verification: barsod!)

  14. are you both on 6 music tomorrow?:)After that podcast…I cannot wait!Mind you I'm more interested in the meal afterwards. What was that like? and did you bring up DT-ing RH's bird for effect?PS what was for pudding?

  15. Anonymous

    Looking forward to Chubby Richard Herring, and then to the inevitable joint podcast between Tiny Andrew Collings and Chubby Richard Herring, AND THEN to the alt-alt versions of one another that both creations will then create, who will also team up, and so on through a hall of vanishing mirrors.Hopefully either Andrew or Richardm, or both, have had the idea for a Tiny Andrew Collings/Chubby Richard Herring matchup at least. It'd be great!

  16. Anonymous

    thanks to richard herring and the andrews for providing many hours of free comedy. much appreciated.and as a token of my appreciation i have just put in a request to borrow richards book from my local library.many thanks,andy, edinburgh

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