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Ha ha, World Cup Willies, I mean. Today on our 6 Music show, we asked the Nerd Army to send in pictorial representations of their national flag for the forthcoming world football tournament. I found the original 1966 World Cup Willie rosette [pictured, on webcam] which my Uncle Phil, then a referee, took to every single England game including the final at the World Cup in 1966, and then kindly gave to me, aged 18 months. I can’t believe I still have this family heirloom. Richard, meanwhile, made an English flag out of red and white CDs because he is very artistic and clever. [aside: James told him to do it; it was James’ idea.]


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4 responses to “Willies

  1. "[aside: James told him to do it; it was James' idea.]" – life imitating art imitating life! Fabulous!

  2. Why is there a picture of Adrien Brody on your blog?

  3. you're wearing those glasses too high up your nose.They look odd.Stop it!

  4. Anonymous

    Having only just caught up with the podcast, I wanted to say that it was "Sketches by Boz" you ignoramus – and that was the title of a collection of short pieces by Dickens, not the name of the artist…– David

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