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Want some non-brand-name print cartridges? On Collings & Herrin Podcast 114 [available from usual outlets] as well as discuss gun control, fox control, Angelina Jolie’s needy emails, the new, more literal Friday The 13th franchise, Stewart Lee’s bad dream, Andrew’s bad dream, the eternal Pret A Manger card, sibling rivalry and Vic Reeves’ iPad, we offer a whole stack of useless print cartridges in unnecessarily subtle shades of magenta and cyan for free to the first person who needs ones that are compatible with printers P7150, 8250, C6180, D7360, D6160, C5173, C5194, D7163, 3108 etc. [See: podcast for full list of compatible printers.]


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6 responses to “Psssssst!

  1. rex rope

    great podcast chaps!

  2. Anonymous

    Great podcast as usual, just to let you know fox hunts still go on, just the killing of the fox with the hounds is banned. Foxes are still classed as vermin and are hunted in many ways, usually shot. The labour government tinkered round the edges and played the daft public into thinking they had banned it as part of a class war thing. Most fox hunting is not done by toffs on horseback but ordinary people with dogs and guns. Ill informed people think that all foxes are cuddly things persecuted by rich people on horses but most control of the fox population in the countryside is done by shooting. As ever I am grateful for your free stuff but get off your high horse on hunting and gun ownership which is just a tabloid newspaper view and I thought you were better than that. David.

  3. In regard to your comments about the Friday the 13th movies, I take it you haven't seen the recent remake then? I've rewatched both recently on blu-ray (the original looks surprisingly good considering the relatively low budget), and you are quite right – in the remake there are several pairs of boobs on display. The first are just horrible though as even though they aren't big they're obviously implants, and it looks like the woman had baseballs sewn into her chest. The second pair are big, but real, and are, as stated by the tosser having sex with her, spectacular! I like both versions of the film personally, so it's worth checking out the remake. The original is a classic though, and my preferred version, though obviously the remake has more impressive-looking deaths.

  4. David, I can only speak for myself – Richard has his own views – but I am against bloodsports. I'm sorry if you thought I was "better than that." To me, there is nothing better than my own beliefs. These do not make me right and you wrong, but please don't make the mistake of thinking that I take a tabloid views just because I have the tabloids in front of me. Also, this is not a serious current affairs podcast – you must have noticed this. We are attempting comedy here. If we cover serious issues we do so in a stupid, often exaggerated way. If I have anything serious to say, I write my thoughts down on my blog. By all means come and tell me how disappointed you are in me then, as my views will be expressed very clearly and carefully, or at least that will be my aim. I'm all for a dialogue, but this really isn't the forum for it.You are the one on a high horse, I'm afraid.

  5. Dave

    I'm posting this here as Rich's site has some sort of fascistic registration system that doesn't like my email address.. he recounts a tale on his witty and very regular blog about being mistaken for a tv chef, who for some inexplicable reason Rich assumes to be the young, not fat, unhairy and good-looking James Martin. What processes have formed in his brain to arrive at this frankly insane conclusion are unclear. I believ it is more likely that it was one of these two he was mistaken for…

  6. Anonymous

    Just listened to podcast. Good stuff!But I have to correct Andrew Collins that "Halloween" came before "Friday The 13th".Get it right eh!Lucas

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