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We bend over backwards for you

Well, we enjoyed this week’s Nerd Army task on 6 Music, which was to do something acrobatic, in preparation for winning next year’s Britain’s Got Talent. Diversity, the acrobatic dance troupe, and Spellbound, the acrobatic dance troupe, seem to prove that this is the way to victory. Anyway, in the spirit of these things, both Richard and I did an acrobatic thing, of which, I think you’ll agree, mine is the most impressive. No CGI was used in the making of this photograph, even though I admit I was only in that position for a matter of seconds. Still, not bad for an old man. (I was quite surprised I could still do it, I’ll be honest.) We’d really like you to get involved, as our gallery has finally been fixed so it’s actually possible to find on the 6 Music website. Add to the acrobatics gallery by sending pics to and have a look at the other galleries here.


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6 responses to “We bend over backwards for you

  1. Andrew, I'm truly impressed.

  2. "Don't take anybody to see the film 'Antichrist' either, on a date."Why ever not? Romantic comedies, such as 'Antichrist', are perfect first date material. My only possible reservation would be if she tells you the screening is to take place at her remote cabin in the woods, to be immediately followed by a demonstration of her tool-working skills.

  3. Mark

    Is the fact that the live podcasts at the fringe are being advertised under the "Collins and Herring" brand a mistake? The photo in the Fringe program is captioned "Collings and Herring" which leads me to assume the correctly placed "g" in the title is also a mistake?Pedantry aside, I got my tickets for C&H podcasts, AIOTM (aiotm) and various other Fringey things today so I'm a tad excited.BTW folks, the C&H and CoaB preview tickets were a bargain at a mere five pounds (Ipaidfivepounds!) each so I doubt they'll last long….

  4. Jeanette

    Have you seen this YouTube on the story behind the song Northampton?

  5. I was listening to the show in the very early hours of Sunday morning while running, and I actually had to stop when that song came on as I was laughing so much. When I heard it I did wonder what kind of people would've actually thought that song was a good idea, and given it the green-light. Thanks to that video I now know! It really does sound like it ought to be the theme tune to a naff eighties sitcom, in the same vein as ALF, but slightly more depressing and with even fewer jokes (if that's possible).

  6. Auror

    Andrew looks sexy. Recently I watched the dvd extras of The Headmaster's Son and he also looked hot in the video about Kings of Wessex School. I just needed to get that out there, thanks.

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