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White line, don’t do it!

In Collings & Herrin Podcast 115 [coming soon, after the Brazil match], after comparing salt marks on our clothes on a hot day and after a London Adventure, we cast aside the news – mainly because we only have the literally worthless newspaper the London Evening Standard at our disposal – and instead discuss England’s chances in the World Cup of Football, the vuvuzela backlash, the loveliness of Steve Brown Photo’s cats (which we met on his boat at a three-way photo session for our upcoming Edinburgh Fringe shows, many of which you can buy tickets for in advance), the loveliness or not of Summerjunk‘s t-shirts [neither pictured, despite Luke sending us one each in exchange for some sponsorship action – I forgot to bring mine, despite really liking it, and Richard foolishly ordered the Large, which turns out to be Medium if you are, yourself, large], and the drunkenness or not of Andrew at last week’s sleepover, or sleepduring, if you were Andrew being forced to watch Richard’s live DVD rough-cut. We also discover where Richard keeps all his ideas.


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2 responses to “White line, don’t do it!

  1. Jonathan

    Your old friend Gaunty at the high court today, taking on OfCom. (Ironically he's being supported by Liberty and his case is being pursued under European Human Rights Convention – both of which he's been known to attack!)

  2. alkhen

    morning, just listening to the gags and giggles podcast and the reference to Cheddar being attack by aliens reminded me that bizarrely (for a game designed in america) in the PS3 game Resistance fall of man there is a level set in Cheddar Gorge and village… Perhaps the aliens did a bit of house hunting there before settling on northampton?

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