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Awwww, Dad!

Bags of dad-based fun on the 6 Music Collins & Herring show this week. [See: soon to be locked in combat, “stripped to the chest”, Keith Herring and John Collins.] We had a lot of fun. It was George Lamb’s last ever 6 Music show before ours, and we paid tribute to him, after his choked-up, indulgent valedictory link, by playing Gorgeous George, by Edwyn Collins. It has been quite a journey for the three of us, moving from mutual suspicion to mutual respect, as George started to acknowledge that we were succeeding him, and then, gradually, began to use our names, until the relationship thawed, and we became frankly matey, with handshakes at the handover. He may have been an ill fit for for 6 Music, but it has been an education watching him at work, playing the cart wall, commanding his slot and maintaining a frankly ludicrous energy level, right up until the handover, all the while clearly entertaining his core listenership.

Richard and I had insulted him in the past, but until you watch him work, it’s easier to dismiss what he does, which is generate an atmosphere in which he is comfortable working. Which is precisely what we do. It doesn’t mean you have to like him, but you have to accept the comparison. (I know for a fact that many listeners will not be able to connect with what we do either – you either make it easy or you don’t.) it’s pointless to criticise, especially as circumstance has allowed George to depart before he was dismissed. I’m sure he will enjoy an illustrious career in television.

Anyway, listen to our podcast here. This was our producer Uncle Henry’s last show, so we salute him. He’s been a calming presence over the last 15 weeks for our cheeky, boundary-broaching madness. We get next Saturday off, as it’s 6 Music’s wall-to-wall Glastonbury coverage, which, pointedly, includes the return of Adam & Joe for three days only. It seems, for now, that we are safe in our once-temporary slot. Good.


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12 responses to “Awwww, Dad!

  1. I want to go to Dream Vietnam, if only to assassinate Dream Colonel Kurtz.

  2. Andrew,are you thawing towards Richard after the AIOTM controversy? I even heard you use an aside on 6music. Are you embracing the Tiny Andrew collings inside?JOhn

  3. Not thawing, John, just pleased that the character seems to be burning out. I'm glad it's stopped being personal and is now more surreal. (I know it's not me, but it is me.)

  4. bc

    Haven't listened to the podcast yet but a different take on Father's Day – just found out I am going to be one after a fair amount of trying. As soon as you find out you can almost feel your priorities instantly changing. I can't wait.Keep up the good work.

  5. Antony

    Oh, I didn't realise it was genuinely geting to you. I just laughed along assuming it was all part of the banter.Ant

  6. I thought it was obvious that it was bothering Andrew, even though he tried to downplay it. Not so much the Tiny Andrew Collings stuff, but when his mother was brought into it, that's where it crossed the line (even though, admittedly, it was funny). I've actually been listening to the early Collings & Herrin podcasts recently, and it was the same regarding "Your mum is a fucking idiot". Originally just a spur of the moment comment by Richard, but you could tell it bothered Andrew every time it was said. So, you can just imagine how exponentially worse the AIOTM (AIOTM) stuff would have been given the material. Richard obviously realised this too, hence the apparent end of that particular branch of sketches. Even his podcast persona knows there are some things you just don't push if you want to retain friendships!

  7. Ruth

    I found the 'dad fighting' scenario hilarious, so much so that I keep laughing to myself in public when I think of it. Horribly, the mental images that accompany it are very vivid.Ruth

  8. I always feel that Richard's main aim on 6music to get as close to the line of acceptability as possible without crossing it. Or maybe cross it without the watchdogs noticing (clackalackadacketc.) I get the impression that it's a stressful time for Andrew.John


    Hey folks. I am desperately trying to buy tickets for C&H live in Edinburgh but without success. Just spoke to the Box Office at EdFringe as listed on the website and they say that the venue may release more tickets but the Box Office doesn't have any at the moment. I can find no way of phoning the venue to check. Perhaps C&H is already a 'total sell-out' but if anyone else knows different PLEASE email me or leave a comment on my blog as this was supposed to be part of my sister's wedding present and honeymoon!

  10. Not a sell-out yet. The venue will be releasing more tickets to the Ed Fringe box office. They have promised.

  11. Dave

    It was interesting to hear Richard's view of the 6music show/podcast as disposable, "like newspapers."While this might be partly due to the lack of archiving by the BBC – meaning they won't occupy a growing collection like official C&H – the BBC-funded shows have always felt more like a place for tried-and-tested Collings and Herrin material rather than a breeding ground for new ideas. That might also be because they're edited by powers-that-be.It was also nice to see the Collings and Herrin podcast desribed as "the original and best" recently – can't remember if it was in Richard's newsletter or some other PR source, but I get the feeling it's a mutual feeling, as good as AIOTM (AIOTM) is.

  12. Another aside spotted in the latest World Cup Essay in the Andrew Collins blog. I seriously starting to think that the fictional surreal TAC is starting to feedback into the real AC.John

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