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Disrespectful to comedy

In Collings & Herrin Podcast 117coming soon: here – recorded in the heat of the middle of the day with salty tidemarks forming everywhere [fortunately not pictured, as BT have decided to turn back time in Richard’s house to the late 90s when the internet took ages for pictures to scroll into view], we dissect the comedy ambitions of Lembit Opik, the new benchmark by which all latecoming stand-up comedians with confidence but no jokes must now be judged; the motives of the Sun‘s front page image of a soldier who’s been shot in the face in Afghanistan – see full video at!!!!! – the media’s surprising fascination with an attractive female Russian spy; and the fashion impact of foot gloves. But mainly we reminisce about the good old days when pictures took ages to scroll into view on the internet and wait for a man to finish unloading 1,000,000 Christ On A Bike programmes. We also grudgingly point you at the American t-shirt website Death To Tennis, even though they haven’t sent us any of their t-shirts.


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6 responses to “Disrespectful to comedy

  1. I expect you've looked it up already, but those "foot gloves" are intended as foot protection for barefoot runners.

  2. Mal

    So old Johnny 'Country Life Butter' Rotten can sing the word 'pissed' on 6 Music but Richard has to make a fawning apology for using that same word. Hmmmm.

  3. Anonymous

    Love the postcast, I've listened to it from the start.Well i was on the internet and i found this comic, it made me laugh and i could just imagine you two in this situation. is the one that asks the question in my head)From one of your smaller demographics (too young, too straight)Susan x

  4. colm

    the mention of painfully slow internet that used to download pics line by line from top to bottom reminded me of a classic viz 'top tip' from the early 90s:"pornographers! loading your pictures of naked ladies upside down will mean i can save many hours of masturbation by reaching the fanny shot much quicker"…also,well done Richard for bringing some humour to the god awful 'blame game' on BBC NI…viewing the other programmes in this series proves to me that we've stopped being funny in northern Ireland since we stopped killing each other.Lastly, has anyone else heard little andrews guest appearance on the 'baddiel&skinner' absolute radio podcast on 4th july- excellent

  5. Anonymous

    shoes are intended as foot protection for barefoot runners.also, Big Boi done a bad swear too.nice show, ty.M-Bomb.

  6. Godot

    2 Girls 1 Cup reaction videos are so played out. Andrew Collin(g)s should instead put a 3 Men 1 Baby reaction video on Youtube, eg about two hours worth of him reacting to the 1987 film 'Three Men and a Baby'. It'd be very much in the spirit of secret dancing.PS – RH was right about the volume thing. That was what I meant, but I am bad at explaining things.

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