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6 Music has been saved, and it cannot be a coincidence that it has been saved since they gave Richard and I a regular slot. Meanwhile, the Guardian are directing visitors to their helpful “Who’s Who” of 6 Music presenters, originally created in March when 6 Music was seen to be doomed. I applaud their picture editor’s sense of proportion.


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7 responses to “Inset

  1. henweb

    You've both come out of that who's who guide remarkably well – Jarvis Cocker looks like the cameraman caught him having a cheeky one under the table, and Mark Riley looks like that one from early Hollyoaks who then moved in to musicals. You both look relatively sane in comparison!

  2. Alex B

    You were on the news when they reported the Saving of Six! Well, it was Lauren Laverne, but I could see your head on the webcam too.

  3. Ian S

    Well, we true fans always knew whose coat-tails were whos! Aside…(Oops, I just realised that'd be "crossing the streams" and who knows what chaos that would cause; so I'll just leave a knowing pause instead : *pause*)

  4. It looks like you have a picture of Richard up on your wall- how sweet!

  5. Anonymous

    Why have they used a photo of Jimmy Carr to illustrate Collings? Is it some kind of short hand?Chris E

  6. Wow, look at that. You have your very own Tiny Richard Herrin!

  7. Jeanette

    I always feel sorry for you if I Listen Again to the show: ( as you're squashed by the logo.I'm sure that's Rich's revenge for not having his own 6Music email address.PS Has anyone else commented that there's a cartoon of a certain slee on the C+H page banner…

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