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Otto the octopus

Yes, in a partial tribute to those running idiots in moustaches, we present Podcast 118 [coming here, soon], which will not help you find a phone number, but will tread a fine line between sincerity and insincerity, artifice and reality, current affairs and endless emails from needy fans, hard news and insubstantial fluff, bromance and bickering, commerce and charity … this just in: “manhunt” man still at large: was once a cute baby, Ashley Cole still by the pool with two ex-public schoolgirls, parents banned from own children’s sports day according to made-up lie, everyone in Britain drunk according to Justin Webb, and Paul the octopus a miracle but inappropriately named. Richard likes Andrew, and Andrew likes Richard. And they’ve been doing this for years, darlin’, and they know what they’re doing. (You’ll have to listen to the bonus minutes to understand that.) Oh, and thank you very much for the partially stamped sushi card, Giles Stafford [pictured].


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6 responses to “Otto the octopus

  1. Anonymous

    Andrew Collings and his collegue Richard Herring for Prime Minister and Deputy. (As appropriate)Rob, Norwich

  2. Anonymous

    Gay I Bottomer!Thanks for all the podcasts lads! (Used to call the Beatles "lads")….. Gay I Bottomer!

  3. Anonymous

    I have to defend the gas station c-word at least partly. Same thing happened to me twice. One time exactly the way you described it. The other time i stopped filling up my car und was putting back the nozzle when i saw the display go from xx,00 to xx,01 €. Maybe a problem with a valve. Don't really care since i live in a quite rural area where it's common at gas stations not to pay the 1 cent if you have to pay a round sum.Mike, germany

  4. Anonymous

    I like your podcasts, I've listened to all of them, but the more time you spend reading out correspondence from listeners rather than talking between yourselves, the less enjoyable I find it. Hearing about someone giving you an Amazon voucher in return for a shout out is tedious, but to spend 20 minutes doing that? ZZZZzzzzzzzz.Thanks,Steve.

  5. Mark

    I enjoy the sponsors part of the podcast – it's people-power in action and is very much reflective of the ethos of the podcast. Also, for a woolly socialist like me, redistributing some of your sponsorship wealth as cultural aid to the downtrodden proletariat of the USA is about as good as it gets.

  6. Anonymous

    Oh I realise, I do try and skip. Steve.

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