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Infect me with your love

A unique podcasting experiment! Because Andrew was too scared to go to Richard’s house, which he believes to be rampant with the norovirus on every surface, they decided to record this week’s podcast [which may take a bit longer to upload but be patient with Orange Mark] in quarantined conditions: Richard’s in his fetid attic, Andrew’s in a soundproofed room at the Radio Times office. Neither has listened to the other’s half yet. In Richard’s half he goes into what might be too much detail about a very dirty weekend away with his girlfriend in Suffolk. Those of a sensitive disposition will surely have stopped listening to this podcast by now, but this might test the mettle of a few of you. He may or may not be critical of his former colleague Andrew Collings’ decision to record his half of the podcast in a germ free booth at the BBC. There is only one way to find out. Andrew’s half is mainly about films he has seen, a section during which Richard would normally sleep or check his iPhone anyway, so best left in isolation. This podcast was not done using germ-free Skype, because of the way other podcasts done using Skype have sounded.


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22 responses to “Infect me with your love

  1. Idiot Boy

    Oysters are the most common cause of foodborne Norovirus (AKA 'The Explosive Shitting and Puking Like a Burst Hydrant Bug'). The incubation period is usually 24-48 hours but can be up to 72 hours post infection, so if Herrin ate oysters during the 2 days before he got ill then I'd bet a pound that was the cause. It's also ridiculously contagious and hangs around in a room for days after someone affected has puked there, so I don't blame Collings for not wanting to do the podcast.

  2. I really enjoy the parts of the podcast where you are reading out the names of the people who have given you money or coffee cards. Is there any chance you can expand this bit by making up fake names and gifts?

  3. Loading it up now to listen at work.Shame to spoil it, though, with photos of your "sex faces".Richard looks like he's entertaining England's invisible 12th player. Kind of like a "spot the ball" competition, but different.

  4. Sometimes for the sake of a friend and for the sake of your supporters you have to take a risk. I don't think it was the Norovirus, but even if it was Collings was forewarned and thus almost safer than being anywhere else. He just had to avoid touching anything. Ironically he was in more danger going out into the world not knowing where the Norovirus might lurk, than in my house where he could take care to avoid it. Do not make excuses for him. He has let you all down. As I imagine you will discover if you listen to his bit of the podcast.

  5. I've yet to understand how catching a vomiting virus off someone confirms your friendship. Nor how going into a house where two people have it, or have had it, is "safer" than not going into it. I thought you knew all about science.

  6. Someone just posted a comment anonymously suggesting spoilers in my review of Inception in the part of the podcast Richard will never hear. (We don't publish anonymous comments.) I have listened back to the podcast and there's nothing in my review about plot that gives anything away that isn't in other reviews I've read. But if you don't want to learn ANYTHING about it, don't listen to that bit.

  7. Mark

    I enjoyed Andrew's bit more, simply because I could mentally fill in Richard's likely responses at key points. It was like a C&H podcast where the listener gets to play the role of Podcast Richard. I also like the way he (Andrew) thinks he has to speak constantly and at a reasonably quick wordrate – even when he doesn't actually have anything to say. It'd be interesting if someone could splice in some generic Podcast Richard responses at points where Andrew is being a fucking idiot. Someone else obviously, I'm far too aware that if I ever do even the tiniest amount of work I'll have to stop at some point and then I'll get a shitting and puking disease as a direct result of stopping.

  8. raishad

    Ah, but isn't it the TRUE friend who doesn't ask others to come to his house when there is a chance they could get sick. It seems to me that it is Richard who has let down the friendship.

  9. Anonymous

    This podcast gives us a look into the future of what it will be like when one of you finally dies. The one left will struggle on, constantly referring as to what Collings or Herrin would have thought or said about stuff, like a Rod without his Emu or an Ant without his Dec.I did enjoy it though, you sounded like a true radio professional Andrew,if you cut the swearing, put in the news and weather it could have gone out on Radio 2. Richard sounded like he enjoyed being able to be himself and not the "podcast" Richard. Keep up the good work. David Kinsella.

  10. Rich

    That podcast literally made me sick. I had to stop listening. I struggled through Richard's section with my hand to my mouth, feeling increasingly queasy. When Andrew's section started and he restated the nature of Richard's illness the floodgates opened. I considered returning to listen to the rest of it this morning and felt the pressure in my throat rising again. I'm going to have to miss my first Collings and Herrin podcast. I hope you are very proud of yourselves.

  11. You have a computer virus.

  12. ah that was an interesting 'experiment'. i found RH on his own to be a crashing bore (sorry RH) mainly because he talks about himself all the time (or seemed to) – funny how the RH blog is much more interesting even though he talks about himself all the time (or seems to) and I nearly didn't bother listening to AC section.But I am glad I did. :)That was a great 30 minutes Andrew, bits of it were kind of like how I wanted Back Row to be (in the olden days of R4 when I first hear you), off the cuff reviews – even if you did 'repeat yourself'. I also fell about laughing at the Ulrika 34i? 341? part. Oh bless you AC. I love your simple naivety.Overall though the sum of the two parts was less than the whole (or is it the other way round (or is it neither? (oh i hope you know what I mean?))).Although…I think there would definitely be scope for an AC Film Reveiw podcast, I'd certainly subscribe (even if it was for 15 minutes) as while I have great regard for Mark Kermode's knowledge and opinion and read his blog, i do find that his slot on R5 became a crashing tedium of in-jokes and boring listener emails and that whole 'good doctor' was the final straw that broke this camel's back.Please consider it AC, you have a nice listenable style, obviously know what you are talking about when it comes to film and don't quite go over the top nerdy like Mark Kermode.Otherwise, looking forward to the 'proper' C&H Podcast (long may it reign).

  13. Thomas

    Christ Andrew was that a joke? Is this all some conspiracy to go solo? I prefer it when you 2 are together so get better soon Richard. Have just started reading "How not to grow up" after a few weeks of listening to these podcasts back to back! Keep up the good work guys.

  14. I must admit I'm quite surprised by the aggressive nature of some of the comments about this week's podcast, here and on Twitter. Many of you have said things like, "Don't do it again." Did you not listen to the reason why we did it? We both explain it pretty clearly. Calm down. Listen to yourselves! Our 126th – I think – podcast is a bit different to the others, and you go off the rails. There's no way we'd be doing this if it was either one of us on our own. Who wants to sit and talk, in a vacuum, for an hour? Not me. Nor, I suspect, he.

  15. Although an unconventional podcast, I enjoyed both halves.I'm as inncocent as Andrew on the minutae of bra sizes, but didn't Vic and Bob make regular reference to Ulrika's "long breasts" in Shooting Stars?Richard's segment could have been so much worse and I suspect he's holding the really unpleasant stuff for his next book "How not to throw up".

  16. I suppose it's somewhat of a back-handed compliment, though it isn't meant that way, but rather surprisingly I much preferred Andrew's half of the podcast (though I did put my fingers in my ears during the Inception bit as I'm off to see it tomorrow). Like others I would subscribe if you made a film review podcast. There's a definitely need for one, especially one that hasn't been left overnight to steep in a bowl of pretentious marinade (Mark Kermode, I'm looking at you). I used to enjoy listening to Marc Haynes' Xfm movie podcast "Certificate X" until he quit, and you have a similar style, so if it's remotely possible please think about it.In regard to the separate recordings of the latest podcast, I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping that it never happens again. Richard jokingly said he could do without you, before reluctantly admitting that he needed you there, but that really is the truth. As much as I love his stand-ups, in this particular medium and format it's in the interplay between the two of you that the magic occurs. Yes, it was an interesting experiment brought about by necessity, but if something similar happens again in the future you might want to try some kind of online conferencing instead, similar to what you did on 6 Music when Richard was in Scotland a few months ago. If this happened though, I'm sure Richard would inform you at some point that he was doing it in the nude, but that particular mental image would be a small (or surprisingly adequate) price to pay!

  17. Double value! (for nothing,of course) The two essential individual character traits of the two of you laid bare..your friendship should be stronger than ever…but maybe only the objective listener could imagine this…Endowed with the gifts of the man-made World.

  18. Anonymous

    I enjoyed the experiment, but you should have read out many more sponsorship emails and "please call my friens a cunt" requests. That would have made it far more enjoyable.-Tim S

  19. Blee, hard going podcast this one but well done for trying while at death's door.Everyone else in the world uses Skype to record podcasts with other people, you could try that.

  20. bc

    This would annoy me as I listen in one ear at work, but have a stereo podcast, AC on the left, RKH on the right then the listener can role play, listening to one earphone and pretending to talk back.A bit like a war game where you can choose to be England or Germany.Good work and keep it up.

  21. bc

    Just read the above comments. I don't care what you do. Its free and people will listen if they want to. I did like the film reviews though and have thought for a while that an AC film spin-off would be a good listen.PS saw Inception last nice with bro-in-law. Both really enjoyed it. I rarely get out to cinema nowadays though so that might have something to do with it.Carry on good work etc

  22. bc

    One last thing,sorry i should have got all this in one comment. I didnt mind the vomit chat and poo chat. My wife is expecting and I think I am becoming hardened to the idea. There are only two things that make me shiver/gag. that I have heard on the radio recently.On Adam and Joe they talked about regurgitating chewed up Wotsits. That was just wrong. Another A&J email that also cropped up on your show the other day was the little toe getting stuck in a grate and nearly being twisted off. Horrible.Thats it. No more comments.

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