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Lose weight now, ask me how!

Brilliant response to this week’s Nerd Army task: to represent 2.5kg in pictorial form, as that’s how much weight Richard lost this week by projectile vomiting until he was a dry husk, and then not feeling very hungry for a couple of days. We wouldn’t recommend this supermodel diet, but it worked for him. Go here to see the full gallery so far. It does the Army great credit. You can listen to the show for the next six days here, and the podcast is here – or will be on Monday. We had a lot of fun, and our new producer Alicia only panicked once, when it seemed as if Richard was suggesting he wanted to take part in a threesome with Samantha Mumba and Matt from Busted, except Matt from Busted when he was under 16, which he actually wasn’t – he stated 21 very clearly. I think Alicia is somebody we can work with! Even though she thought it would be a funny joke to put a jingle in at the top of the show which said we were Adam and Joe. She claims to know nothing about it, but we know psychological warfare when we see it.


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3 responses to “Lose weight now, ask me how!

  1. I usually just listen to the podcast, but this week I listened live. Maybe next week I'll join the Nerd Army proper and send in a picture.Thank you for playing my Herring Rules jingle, especially as it's not as good as the current tune. It will be a shame when this feature ends, although I think Michael Legge will send it out with a bang.

  2. I was very disappointed with 6Music the other day. Having finally gotten round to listening to the Adam and Joe Glastonbury podcasts from this year, it came to the bit where they do the "If you liked Adam and Joe…" part. Who do #6Music recommend their podcast listeners also listen too? Perhaps another pair of humorous, middle-aged Saturday morning DJs with a penchant for text-in humour and catching jingles?No, they chose Jarvis bloody Cocker.What's THAT about?!

  3. Anonymous

    Have just finished listening to Earth, Wind, Fire & Water – good stuff. The bit about coalminers reminded me that if I text "coal" using predictive text, the next two options are "anal" & "cock".Great minds etc…….John CarsonManchester

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