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Back! Back! Back! Yes! It’s the Collings and Herrin Reunion Podcast, number 120, featuring Andrew Collins and Richard Herring [sic] in the same room, sharing air and surfaces in complete viral safety. Richard feels like a new man since his purge and is sanguine and circumspect about the fact that he is not the 173rd best comedian ever to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival according to an Australian lager that has only just started sponsoring it. He still hates squirrels, though, and wild dogs, while Andrew thinks Quentin Letts of the Daily Mail should be drowned in a bucket. Because we have one or two names to read out, we deliberately add an extra ten minutes of goatish lunacy on the end. That’s because we’re nice, and we care, and you don’t deserve us. Enjoy the photo taken by Paul Carr almost a year ago in which he has transplanted his own features with Richard’s without anybody noticing.


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18 responses to “Sic

  1. Anonymous

    That picture is incredible. I wouldn't have noticed either.

  2. Anonymous

    And a desk full of what, at first glance, looks like '70s porn magazines.

  3. Love the podcast. Nice to hear that you two have made up and are best of colleges again.It occurs to me that another example of similar facial features and possible photo trickery can be found on the Secret Dancing poster keeping up the chin count, what kind of on stage ménage is served up by Andrew's new live show? Are you a medium with the power to summon a ghostly polyamory with the spirits of Tiny and Tiny Tiny? If I'm to believe my own eyes, the Collins apparition on the left, (in the middle?), seems to be having the most fun!

  4. Dave

    That was a really great podcast.

  5. Another great podcast.I'm particularly drawn to the debate about joke stealing – it's such a tough one to judge. As somebody who has in the past been (wrongfully) accused of 'stealing' one of Richard's observations on Twitter (I made a joke about Sue – not exactly a complex sociological examination), I prefer to err on the side of trust. Fair enough, a long-winded 10 minute joke is probably fairly hard prove as your own, but one-liners – and ESPECIALLY 'observations' could very easily just be thought up by more than one person.I remember Adam and Joe's 'Made up joke party' bringing up lots of issues like this, with people claiming to have 'invented' jokes with others disputed.If I was less lazy I'd write a blog on it or something!

  6. Anonymous

    "Gay co-host Andrew Collins"?? What does that mean?Brian Sharpe

  7. Where does it say "gay co-host"?

  8. Laura

    I want to hear more about Eleanor Bron! She's awesome. I saw her in a play at the Donmar last week.

  9. Your podcasts are excellent. Don't under-estimate inane wittering. It's an art form. Use of the c-word (I can't even type it) make me laugh every time.Where do I send cheques to? I want to sponsor!Jason

  10. Where else can you hear people merrily called a "cunt" and talk of spooning jizz alongside discussion of technological etiquette and film reviews!Cheers from Toronto–love the podcast.Am quite looking forward to the run of "cunt"-inducing Edinburgh podcasts, whereby exhaustion and sheer annoyance with the podcast will reap even more entertainment and homo-erotic violence from Mr Herring

  11. Anonymous

    There's a pub on the south bank of the Thames called the Anchor. It's between London Bridge and Waterloo stations. In the Gents' toilet somebody has written "Collings is a bummer" in the grouting. I've never thought it was a common name, so it made me laugh when I saw it. Thought you might like this story!Sarah Harries

  12. Thanks for pointing this out, Sarah. I would like the story more if it didn't involve vandalism. Some idiot used to do it in the toilets at the British Library. Probably seems hilarious at the time, but it's a cleaner who has to clean toilets after people like that. I am personally glad that I don't have to clean toilets for what I can only imagine is a modest wage. But if I did, I'd rather not have graffiti on the walls to clean, too.

  13. Maybe though if the cleaner listens to Collings and Herrin the graffiti will make them laugh and make their tough job a little bit better.To be honest I don't think anyone bothers to clean off the graffiti in toilets, so although your concern is admirable I think it is misguided. A good bit of graffiti can be a wonderful thing. Just ask Nigel Rees.Plus Andrew is a bummer.

  14. Anonymous

    It was on the grouting between tiles; really small, and the idea of it being vandalism of some kind didn't even occur to me. It felt more like somebody had slipped me a note under the door with "Stephen!" on it (Adam and Joe reference). I don't think most people would even notice it and I'm sure it's not going to make anybody's life harder. Plus it was in pencil, so if anybody (not even the craply paid cleaner) was so inclined they could easily smudge it away with their finger.The idea of it being written somewhere like the British Library is fantastic, as well. It's so inoffensive, it's funny, and should be encouraged in the same way Adam and Joe allowed "Stephen!" to happen. That's what I think and I am correct!Sarah Harries

  15. Anonymous

    By the way, the Ladies toilet was closed, and I was directed into the Gents by someone who was working there. People who find graffiti funny aren't necessarily disobedient in their general toilet usage.Sarah Harries

  16. Sarah, please accept our apologies about this week's podcast. I'm afraid a man called Richard Herring is involved.

  17. R Soul

    Just a quick question,only just found out about these podcasts so apologies if this has been asked before,but why have got a bacon slicer running in the background (after about 18 mins)?

  18. Hot weather. Attic. Windows open. The various noises of Shepherd's Bush, some mechanical.

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